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Our new era is called the ‘New Industry Revolution’. It is coming out of from artificial intelligence, robotic Technologies, 3D printers, big data etc., developments in technology. The countries following these evoultions and developing themselves can be dominant and can play actively in the global market. Let’s focus on what Turkey has as a plan under these informations.

According to the datas from Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Turkey ranked no.1 across Europe with its 436 minutes mobile usage, considering the 237 minutes average in Europe. It is determined that there are approximately 95% of the population of mobile users in Turkey, namely 74.5 million, More than 5 hours of mobile device usage per day. Social networks are the most important factor in increasing mobile phone usage.

Turkey’s Information market size was 83,1 billion liras in 2016. We can see it divided as:

Information technologies : 27,4 billion TL

– Hardware : 13 billion TL

– Software : 9,7 billion TL

– Service : 4,7 billion TL

Communication technologies : 55,7 billion TL

– Hardware : 16,1 billion TL

– Electronic Communication : 39,6 billion TL

We can see in general in 2017 that cloud technologies will increase and that will cause a great competition between suppliers that could differ in pricing, customer service etc. Turkey also wants to have a place in there. Therefore new action plans are made. About 70 percent of institutions have started or are planning to do digital conversion. Smart city initiatives, innovative transportation, citizen affairs, and emergency response services will develop. In 2017 and ahead cloud connected services will spread in Turkish market. The data center number, security and data back- up will increase.

More than 90% of the enterprises in Turkey are SMEs. SMEs will primarily invest in hardware in 2017. For this reason, the hardware market will continue to grow. The export number reached almost billion $ and almost 20.000 companies of information Technologies and communication spread all around the country. As our information technologies enter into communication, health, production, trade, agriculture and all other sectors that come to mind, our firms are becoming stronger.

According to the experts, if the ‘programmer’ number reach 200.000 in Turkey, billion-dollar Turkish technology companies may emerge. The 80 million population have more potential inside and it needs to come off and be invested in.