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Due to the reactions received lately from public, from the authorities all around the World considering the accurancy of justice system in Turkey, the government approved a Judicial Reform Strategy Document which will be followed with upcoming reforms. The concerns were also effecting the incoming investment and the foreign capital flow in Turkey. With the reforms made and the steps will be taken, the development will be achieved.
The Criminal Procedure Code and the Law Amending Certain Laws, which contain regulations in line with the objectives and targets determined within the scope of the Judicial Reform Strategy Document, were published in the Official Gazette.
Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül “Mr. President approved the first package of YRS (Judicial Reform Strategy Document ) which was enacted by the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As far as implementation is concerned, reform will only achieve its goals if it is implemented in a good and correct way. ”
With this package; Lawyers who have completed 15 years will be given a green passport that provides visa facilitation. The scope of the mediation system will be expanded. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notary public examination system was brought.
Those who are sentenced to imprisonment under five years are amended to block the way to the Supreme Court of Appeals and to open an appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeals. After the July 15 coup attempt, the passports seized during the state of emergency will be returned. Either the court decision or the Ministry of Interior will have to review it again.
Due to the critics and news that are criticizing, an arrangement was made for the persons who were subject to transactions from the Anti-Terror Law (TMK). The article regulating the propaganda of the terrorist organization in the TMK, “Do not exceed the limits of information or criticism of thought statements made for the purpose of criticism does not constitute a crime” was added. In its justification, “… It is an indispensable requirement of democracy that the sanction cannot be imposed if the right of criticism is exercised, even if it is severe, harsh or offensive” is mentioned.
The decision to block access to Internet sites, the method of blocking access to content will be applied. Relevant content will be blocked, not the site.
To accelerate the judiciary “serial reasoning procedure” and “simple trial procedure” system will enter the legal system for the first time. The prosecutor will offer the suspect the application of a series of proceedings. If the suspect accepts it in the presence of a lawyer, he will be able to determine half of the penalty between the lower and upper limits of the crime as sanctions, and if necessary, he will be able to postpone the sentence. With the simple trial procedure system, the criminal court of first instance will be able to decide on the application of the simple trial procedure for crimes that require a judicial fine and / or an upper limit of 2 years or less after the adoption of the indictment.