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Mega Industrial Zones are defined as “regions where large-scale domestic and foreign investments will be made to produce high and medium-high techological products”. Expropriation costs and infrastructure related costs of the Mega Industry Zones will be covered by the Ministry. Expenses to cover are:

“Expropriation can be applied to all kinds of activities such as expropriation, all kinds of study, plan and project works, road pave, railway connection, drinking water network, sewer network, electricity network, natural gas network, communication network, waste water treatment plant, bridge and viaduct, drilling, sea filler. ” The bureaucratic process for the investor will be accelerated and facilitated.

The Government with this model would like to promote companies functioning as joint ventures between local and foreign investors, institutions, organizations, associations, foundations, chambers, banks and local governments to invest in the regions selected. With this model, a structure similar to the management of successful industrial zones in countries such as China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore will be developed. The address of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology will be a “managing company” in the status of joint stock company. Mega Industrial Zone will be operated by this joint-stock company.

The Mega Industry Zones to be activated in the first phase are as follows:

  • Ceyhan Energy Specialized Industrial Zone: Middle East oil and natural gas reserves are an important investment area for the energy sector with close proximity to international energy pipelines. (Refinery, thermal power plant investments)
  • Filyos Industrial Zone: The presence of Turkey’s biggest port at the beginning of the project as well, in terms of logistics base facility to be an important investment area for domestic and foreign investors. (High and medium high technology sectors such as electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles)
  • Karasu Individual Investment Place: Turkey’s largest defense and automotive vehicle production center. (Defense industry, rail systems, commercial vehicles, etc. production)
  • Trabzon Investment Island: Turkey’s first industrial zone created by filling the sea. (High-tech sectors such as defense systems, aerospace, biotechnology and nanotechnology, information technology)

In the first stage, with the Mega Industrial Zones to be operated, 45 billion TL investment will be made and 35.000 jobs will be created. Starting with Eastern Black Sea, Black Sea, North Aegean, South Marmara, Eastern Mediterrenean, the new Mega Industrial Zones in accordance with the application of both investors and ministries across Turkey will continue working for the establishment. For this, investment of 140 billion TL and the provision of job opportunities to 100.000 people will come to the agenda.