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According to the compilation of 2021 presidential Year Annual Program, it is seen that the electricity policies consist the basis of the meeting safely the electricity demand which is increasing in the World %3 average and %5 in Turkey.
In this context, Turkey’s total installed capacity of electricity by the end of this year 96 thousand 439 megawatts, at the end of next year will reach 99 thousand 995 megawatts.
The highest share in installed power will be the hydroelectric power plants with 31 thousand 688 megawatts. This will be followed by natural gas with 25 thousand 634 megawatts, domestic coal with 11 thousand 313 megawatts and imported coal power plants with 10 307 megawatts.
It is expected that the installed power will reach 9 thousand 633 megawatts in the wind and 7 thousand 750 megawatts in the sun.
304 billion kWh of electricity consumption in Turkey at the end of this year; By the end of 2021, it will be 319.8 billion kilowatt-hours.
Within the scope of the program, it is aimed to increase electricity generation from renewable energy sources.
Thanks to models such as Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA), cleaner resources will be used more widely in electricity generation.
Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System (YEK-G) will be put into operation. In addition, the integration of renewable energy generation facilities into the grid and related technical assistance projects will be implemented.
Moreover, the share of natural gas in electricity production in Turkey with 30-50 percent in the 2001-2018 year, the year-end is expected to be 22.7 percent.
Turkey Wind Energy Database to be Generated
TÜREB is creating a database covering all kinds of details related to Turkey’s wind energy and relations which will provide healthier investments.
TÜREB General Coordinator Güray Erol announced that they have started a database project, which is the first time in the wind energy sector. Erol said, “We are sectors that develop and progress with optimization. Therefore, we saw that we needed such a detailed database, and for the first time, we are collecting all the details that you can think of under a single roof and we are currently compiling the details that will enable the sector to make much healthier investments in the future ”.
Erol added that data will be collected in the study by the end of October and they plan to launch the database in the conference series they plan to start in November or December.