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All the autonomous communities have requested the Government on Wednesday 6 May – it was the deadline – to advance phase 1 from next Monday 11 May. They have done well for the whole territory or by establishing conditions or exceptions depending on the criterion of the relevant regional executive. It is now up to the central government to study applications according to the documentation submitted and the reality of data on the expansion of the epidemic in each area. The Government is scheduled to communicate its decision to the communities on Saturday and take effect on 11 May. These are the activities that will begin to be carried out in phase 1 under the Transition to New Normals Plan approved by the Government last week.
Personal activity
Social contact is allowed in small groups for non-vulnerable people or with previous pathologies. The limit has been set at 10 people. The limitation of occupation of private vehicles is maintained, except in persons residing in the same address who can go together. Wakes are allowed for a limited number of family members, with physical distance and safety protocols, which should specify the tanatorios and places where they are held.
Schools and universities will open for their disinflection, conditioning and administrative and preparatory work of teachers and auxiliary staff.
Retail shops
Widespread opening of premises and commercial establishments that are neither character nor located in a shopping centre (this measure does not alter the activity of establishments located in shopping centres that have been allowed to remain open to the public during the state of alarm for their activity). Within the property, the capacity is limited to 30% and a minimum distance of 2 meters between customers will be guaranteed. Where this is not possible, only one customer will be allowed to remain. In all cases, a preferential hours of care will be established for people over 65 years of age.
Street Markets
When proposed by the relevant municipality, the open-air/non-sedentary markets (Street markets) on the public road, with conditions of estrangement between posts, and delimitation of the travelling market for proper control of the capacity by the security forces, may also restart their activity. Initial limitation to 25% of regular posts or surface increase to ensure maintenance of safety distance between posts and passers-by.
Bars and restaurants
The opening of terraces will be limited to 50% of the tables allowed in previous years based on the municipal license ensuring distances. They could have a greater number of tables if the town hall allows more space of the public road available, respecting the proportion of tables / surface area of 50% and with a proportional increase of pedestrian space in the same section of the public road.
Hotels and Touristic Accomodations
Openings without use of common areas and with restrictions, for example, in restoration, among other activities, disinfection and reinforcement of health and hygiene standards.
Cultural and leisure activities
The opening of libraries for loan and for room reading with capacity limitation is allowed. Cultural events and shows of less than 30 people in enclosed places (with 1/3 capacity). Outdoor cultural events and shows for less than 200 people (as long as it is seated and keeping the necessary distance).
Museums (visits only, not cultural activities) 1/3 capacity with control of crowds in rooms.
Active and nature tourism for limited groups of people. Audiovisual production and filming of cinema and series.
Professional and federated sport
Opening of high-performance centres with enhanced hygiene and protection measures and, if possible, shifts will be established.
Average training in professional leagues.
Amateur sport
Opening of outdoor sports facilities without public (only for sports in which there is no contact: athletics, tennis). Individual sports activities are allowed by appointment in sports centres that do not involve physical contact or use of changing rooms.
Places of religious prays
Opening with 1/3 capacity limitation and with physical clearance measurements inside.