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Denmark-based RESOLUX Group, will produce interior parts for wind turbines with the the joint venture they founded with Bayramoğlu company as “RESOLUX Turkey,”.
With the said partnership, Turkey will be added in the countries that RESOLUX Group officially operates as Denmark, Belgium, USA, China, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa and India.
RESOLUX Turkey Manager Okan Uykan said that, while expanding its Bayramoglu’s product and service portfolio thanks to the joint venture, will become a fully integrated production and supply base, also said that Resolux Group is aiming to be more competitive with getting Turkey as a production base.
Uykan saying that they are aiming to produce parts of in-turbines in Turkey and continued:
” Our focus is on cable bundling, lighting products, various enclosures, e-modules, elevators, packaging, product exchange services. Bursa and Izmir are planned as production sites. By the end of 2020, we aim to provide internal components supply services for 200 turbines. We want to double this figure next year. We plan to start production towards the end of January.”
Uykan, pointing the development of Turkey’s wind market, the potential of the joint venture basis, and in particular the geographical advantages,” Turkey, began to have a say in the global market with over 20 years of experience in the wind energy market. This partnership, which means foreign direct investment in the long term, will set an example for our sector and bring excitement during this period of serious financial crises.”
Stressing that wind energy investments are evaluated as high technology investments, Uykan emphasized that in Turkey, production of investment and would be conducive to the formation of the industry, also voiced will contribute to the employment of engineers and technical staff.
The share of wind on the first day of Turkey’s electricity production in 2019 was 10.31 percent. According to data released by TEIAS, Turkey, on January 1, 2019 daily production of 678 thousand 371 MWh of electricity consumption was 985 682 thousand MWh. 433,667 MWh of the production was supplied from thermal, 147,44 MWh of hydraulics, 69,93 MWh of wind and 27,630 MWh of geothermal. The remaining 34,400 MWh was met with contribution. Thus, the share of thermal power plants was 63.93%, the share of HEPPs was 21.67%, the share of wind was 10.31% and the share of geothermal was 4.07%. 541 thousand 574 MWh of electricity production was provided from free generation companies, 110 thousand 503 MWh from EÜAŞ plants, 26 thousand 50 MWh from power-transferred plants and 244 MWh from build-operate-transfer plants.