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The tourists coming from Arabic countries to Turkey increased up to 3 million in 2017 until june, and with this number, the amount of Money they are spending while shopping is also increasing, and of course the shopping malls make great income from these tourists.

Most of the tourists are coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Kuwait, also they are the bigger spenders per capita. For example a Saudi citizen in one day can buy a 1 million $ house and at the same day he goes out with his family for shopping and spend 2.4 million liras in shopping malls.

A foreigner who is considering a 1-2 week vacation spends a minimum of three months of his time in the procedure of buying a house. The arabic tourists coming to the south spend a week to finish the procedure to buy a house and then enters a shopping mall with his family and for almost whole day they spend time and Money there into jewelery, clothing and home textile. When we look from this point of view, the foreign exchange income from housing sales is quite large.

Inside these shopping malls is where they spend their Money most. The marketing researches went through this facts, and find that the cosmetic sector was positively affected in the last few years. Middle Eastern tourists prefer Turkish cosmetic companies.

Thanks to the Arab tourists who shop 2-3 times more than the average, investors are knocking Turkish companies’ doors. 20 Turkish brands opened 597 stores in one year in the country, in great part because of the positive effect of Arab turists. Turkey’s cosmetics market, which has grown the fastest in the retail sector, attracted the attention of Middle East investors as well as global brands.

These developments in the cosmetic sector have also led many strong brands to enter this sector such as Koton and Defacto, and this year LC Waikiki also.

Istanbul is always the first choice for Arab tourists because of the high number of luxurious accommodation facilities and luxury shopping opportunities that appeal to rich Arab tourists. But in the last years  Arab tourists have started to show interest not only in green and cool destinations but also in hot and coastal destinations such as Mugla, Antalya and Marmaris. Places like Bursa, Bolu, Abant, Yalova and Trabzon are among the other favorites of Arab tourists to visit and settle. The Middle East Arab countries prefer the spa regions for health tourism, especially the Black Sea and Antalya.