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KOSGEB, the Presidency of the Administration for the Development and Support of Small and Medium Size Companies, is carrying its activities under the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, established in 1990.

The aim is to increase the impact of small and medium-sized enterprises and the share of industry in order to meet social needs and economies of scale in our country. KOSGEB also serves to increase the competitiveness and levels of these enterprises. Another goal of KOSGEB is to increase the level of competition of SMEs and to support them to develop themselves in such areas as export, institutionalization and R&D.

In order to benefit from KOSGEB grants and supports first the company must be a member of KOSGEB. After logging into KOSGEB for this, you need to get password and user. SMEs who are members of KOSGEB should fill in KOSGEB SME declarations and register for KOSGEB database for loan applicants. To register to KOSGEB database you have to enter KOSGEB entry and write all your company information and tax number. Registration can be done in a few minutes.


KOBİ Project Support Programme

The maximum amount supported in this programme by the projects they will present in the fields of production, management-organization, marketing, foreign trade, human resources, financial services, information management and related fields is 150.000 TL. In this case you can make a project of 300.000 TL and request 50% of it from KOSGEB as non-refundable. The duration of the project varies between 6 months and 24 months, depending on the range of activities to be undertaken. One of the issues to be mentioned about the SME Project Support Program is that the support to be given to the operation of the machinery-equipment, raw materials and materials to be procured within the scope of the project will not exceed 10% of the total KOSGEB support amount.


General Support Programme

Another support program, the General Support Program, includes 13 different support items. These items consist of domestic fairs support, foreign travel support, promotion support, matching support, qualified staff recruitment, consulting support, training support, energy efficiency support, design support, test analysis and calibration support, independent audit support, industrial property rights support and documentation support.


Business Joint Venture Support Programme

In order to benefit from this program, which is aimed to develop joint solutions for the common problems of SMEs and to develop their culture of doing business together, at least 5 operators should come together and implement a project. The duration of the project varies between 6-24 months and the upper limit of support is 250.000 TL with no refund and 500.000 TL considering refund.


R & D Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program for Innovative SMEs and Entrepreneurs

This program, which supports new ideas and inventions based on knowledge and technology, is quite satisfactory in terms of new investment fort he country. You can apply for a programme either through your existing business or by setting up a new business as an entrepreneur.


R & D and Innovation Programme

The programme covers raw materials, machinery, equipment, hardware, software and outsourced service / labor expenses; the upper limit is 100.000 TL with non-refund and 200.000 TL considering refund. If you apply as an entrepreneur, you can get support for your company establishment expenses and your office hardware expenses for maximum 20.000 TL.


Industrial Implementation Programme

Industrial Application Programme is a program designed to ensure the commercialization of the resulting products of R & D and Innovation studies. The needed studies throughout the project; the top limit is 150.000 TL with non- refund and the upper limit is 200.000 TL considering refund to the operation, within the scope of consumables, test, analysis and laboratory equipments, production line design expenses, production machinery, equipment, hardware and software expenses. The business who makes the project application as an entrepreneur can benefit as company organization and office equipment expenses in this support.


Enterpreneurship Support Programme

Entrepreneurship support program, Applied Entrepreneurship Training, New Entrepreneurship Support and Business Development Center (ISGEM) Support, is a KOSGEB program designed to support volunteers who have the idea of setting up a new business. In order to benefit from the new entrepreneur support, it is necessary to have completed the practical entrepreneurship training which is free of charge. The maximum amount of non-refundable support for a business to be established in the new entrepreneur program is TL 5,000; for the machinery equipment and office equipment needed during the establishment period, non-refundable 10,000 TL is also provided. In addition to this, up to 12.000 TL of non-refundable operating expenses are provided, plus 70.000 TL as investment from KOSGEB is given to the investor. One important point to note down is that KOSGEB support rates vary from region to region; In the Entrepreneurship Support Program support rates for women or disabled people are higher.

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