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Turkey’s similarity with Arabic countries in terms of history, culture, and social behavour affects the relations and the influence of Turkey in these countries.

Turkey follows a multidimensional and forward-looking foreign policy and this, helps it to struggle for domination of peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East and gives strong and active support.

Turkey is connected to Middle East geographically. Plans for the creation of transport corridors with the European Union or, in recent times, the revival of China’s Silk Road, and serious investments are being made; Turkey also needs to work to improve transportation corridors so that it can better use its potential to import less durable goods such as food.

Turkey and Arabic countries are connected with many economic links, one tof he most important is Tourism. There are many visitors from these countries to Turkey especially under the effect of Turkish Tv series. These series are very successful and impacts the social life directly in Arabic countries and people got very curious about Turkey. They wanted to see the real life, the places they saw in the series.

There is one more important type of tourism which is Health Tourism. Especially the last 5 years a very big percentage of Arabs coming to Turkey to benefit from hair transplantation packages which also include touristic visits. This is now a huge, fast growing sector in Turkey.

Also the construction sector in these countries are affected by Turkish companies. Most of the tenders are given to Turkish companies due to the confidence in Turkish construction sector in the Gulf countries. Major construction companies in Turkey are actively involved in major projects such as airports and highways in that part of the World.

In Middle East people are considering Turkey as a ‘hero’, as a big brother. You can see Turkish flags in almost every shop. When you say you are Turkish they host you as a family member.

Most of the products are welcomed with a high satisfaction. And there is a huge need of textile, food, urbanization, water supply etc. Turkish businessmen should consider this ‘admire’ and this potential to do more investments to develop the region.

In this context, the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum (TAF) and Turkey-GCC High Level Strategic Dialogue, are the forefront of multilateral platforms. In addition, the High Level Strategic Cooperation Councils (YDSK) with Iraq, Syria and Lebanon were established on a bilateral basis. There are studies ongoing on establishing similar Council mechanisms with other regional countries.

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