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The shopping amount that foreign tourists done in Turkey, increased %70 this year comparing to the same month last year. As well as in the first 7 months of this year the number of Chinese tourists coming to Turkey also seems to be an increase in their expenditures compared to last year. This year, the first 7 months of shopping they do in Turkey in the same period last year to increase by 85 percent Chinese, the average spend has exceeded 5 thousand liras.
There is also a huge increase in the amount that tourists from Arabic countries done. we all know the density of the Arab tourists in Turkey. In recent years, especially in the Black Sea, we see Arab guests in every tourist area. What really draws attention is that they are the most spending visitors. In terms of average per capita expenditure, the Qatarians are at the top of the list. 6 thousand 782 liras spending Qatar, is followed by 6 thousand 441 liras spending in the United Arab Emirates. After that, 5 thousand 412 liras of spending with Germany is located. In the first seven months of the year, Israeli tourists increased their purchases in our country by 182%, Egyptians by 161%, Iraqis by 138% and Libyans by 124% compared to the same period of 2018.
According to the datas from the company Global Blue which is aince 1996, more than 8 thousand retail outlets in Turkey and continues to work in the 25 drop-off point at the border Global and around the world continues business in over 51 countries. The statement made by the company based in Switzerland, in the first seven months of 2019 the number of Chinese tourists coming to Turkey as compared with last year, said. Global Blue Turkey General Manager Selim Seyhun, said that in the said period of less spending from European countries. Among all European countries Germany is the only country listed in the most shopping-doers in Turkey. Also Chinese tourists are in a very interesting position on this. Şeyhun said as well as Gulf countries, Chinese tourists are very much interested in luxury products. Tax free shopping constitutes 22% of the total Chinese shopping. He stated that this ratio was 20% last year and that there was an increase in the number of units. He stated that there were satisfactory increases in the number of transactions in 2019, which is an indication of the high number of tourists coming.
İstinyePark, which is one of the most preferred shopping centers of domestic and foreign visitors in Istanbul, closed 2018 with a remarkable turnover increase. İstinyePark General Manager Uğur Berk said, “We closed 2018 with record results with a 40 percent increase in turnover. ”
İstinyePark, the address of luxury shopping, managed to close a difficult year with a 40 percent turnover increase in 2018 as it was the center of attention of foreign tourists with its brand mix, spacious architecture, customer experience and activities. In his speech, Uğur Berk stated that the sales to tourists in 2018 increased by 115 percent compared to the previous year; 56 percent of tourist spending in Istanbul, Turkey, said that in general is realized in İstinyePark of 32 percent.
Uğur Berk said that among the foreign tourists, the record number of visits reached by Chinese with a record of %500 spending increase. Uğur Berk stated that the expenses of the Arab countries increased by 70 percent, and many tourists from Azerbaijan and Russia came to İstinyePark in 2018. The number of visitors increased by 2.5% in 2018 17 million people, they said.