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The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has completed regulations for the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee Certificate (YEK-G Certificate), which provides transparent and reliable verification of the energy used by consumers who want to supply electricity from renewable energy sources.
According to the draft YEK-G Certificate regulation, also known as the green certificate in public, an organized market will be established in which production and supply license holders can trade YEK-G documents.
Energy Markets Enterprise AŞ (EPİAŞ) will establish and operate the market in question. In this way, a new product and income item will be created for investors who will generate electricity from renewable energy sources.
YEK-G Certificates will be presented to consumers as a new derivative product for electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources and will be able to prove transparently and reliably that the energy used by consumers is produced from these sources.
EPİAŞ will issue an electronic YEK-G Certificate on behalf of the producers demanding it on the market it will create and prices will be freely determined by trading these documents in the market.
Renewable power plants will be the supply side of the market to be established by EPİAŞ, and there will be electricity suppliers on the demand side. Electricity suppliers will be able to obtain YEK-G Documents from the organized market or through bilateral agreements, but they will have an obligation to report bilateral agreements to EPİAŞ. Thus, the repeated certification of renewable energy generated for every megawatt hour will be prevented.
By revealing YEK-G Certificates to end consumers through their own communication channels or invoices, suppliers can prove that the electricity it offers is produced from renewable energy sources.
The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has opened the Draft Regulation on the Renewable Energy Resources Regulations Draft Regulation and the Draft Regulation on the Support for Renewable Energy Resources. The said Draft Regulation will be open to public opinion and evaluations until the end of working hours on 28/07/2020.