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Turkey’s trade volume of ceramic products found 6 billion 833 million dollars over 5 years. According to information compiled from Turkey Statistical Institute data, traces of Anatolia’s cultural heritage which hosts the Turkish ceramics products are exported to about 170 countries, Azerbaijan, USA, Germany, Morocco, Senegal and Mexico among them.
Turkey’s ceramic products exports increased by 7.4 percent compared to the previous year in 2019 rose to 1 billion 159 million dollars. Turkey has made Germany the most foreign sales with 153 million 576 thousand dollars. This figure corresponded to 13.2 percent of total exports. In exports, Germany was followed by the USA with $ 115.1 million, the United Kingdom with $ 102.5 million, Israel with $ 81.7 million and France with $ 71.4 million.
Imports of ceramic products decreased by 12.7 percent last year to 298 million 990 thousand dollars. China took the first place in the import of these products with 131 million 371 thousand dollars. China was followed by Germany with 38 million 857 thousand dollars, India with 21 million 81 thousand dollars and Italy with 16 million 922 thousand dollars.
China’s share in imports was 43.9 percent, Germany’s share was 12.9 percent, India’s 7 percent and Italy’s 5.6 percent.
Turkey’s exports of ceramic products in the last five years was recorded as 4 billion 969 million dollars. In the same period, 1 billion 864 million dollars of imports were realized. Thus, the total trade volume of Turkey’s ceramic products found 6 billion 833 million dollars.
Export of ceramic products in the last five years watching the process of Turkey’s steadily rising trend, while imports continued a declining trend.
Exports of ceramic products were 875 million 396 thousand dollars in 2015, 884 million 908 thousand dollars in 2016, 969 million 797 thousand dollars in 2017, 1 billion 79 million dollars in 2018. In the same years, imports were recorded as 508 million 564 thousand dollars, 374 million 54 thousand dollars, 339 million 825 thousand dollars and 342 million 634 thousand dollars, respectively.