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Tomatoes are produced in a glass greenhouse with renewable energy in Balikesir, Turkey


In the 37-decare facility, the construction of which was completed in Bandırma, Balıkesir, production is carried out 10 months of the year with the soilless farming method, with the energy obtained from two wind turbines and computer-controlled air conditioning.

It is aimed to produce 2,500 tons of tomatoes annually with computer-controlled air-conditioning in the 37-decare greenhouse, which was completed in Bandırma district of Balıkesir and is heated with the energy obtained from two wind turbines.

More than 50 tons of tomatoes per week can be grown at the facility, which was started to be built 6 years ago in Beyköy Mahallesi, and started production this year, by a company that works on modern agricultural techniques with renewable energy.

The energy obtained from two wind turbines located around the 37-decare facility, designed as glass, meets other electricity needs as well as heating the greenhouse.

Thanks to its wind turbines, the company reduces the energy costs in the greenhouse by 40-50 percent compared to sources such as natural gas, and provides significant savings. Thus, the company can produce tomatoes more cheaply than greenhouses that do not use such systems.

In the glass greenhouse, where 75 people are employed, all of which are computer-controlled, production can be continued with the soilless farming method for 10 months of the year, apart from the two-month renewal and maintenance period, with the day and night air-conditioning system.

The company aims to increase the production capacity to 6 thousand tons with the greenhouse to be built on an area of ​35 decares within the scope of the project worth 700 million liras in total.

Ertan İçen, the director of the company, told Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent Miraç Kaya that the entire energy source of the greenhouse is met from renewable energy.

Indicating that the greenhouse works with automation systems full of technological equipment, İçen informed that they will expand their greenhouse areas in the future.

İçen emphasized the importance of energy in greenhouse cultivation and said:

“This investment is an important investment for our country. With the development of technology, renewable energy has become much more economical with the decrease in investment costs and the increase in electricity production efficiency. This situation is extremely important for our country. Renewable energy is also of great importance in the sector that needs energy, especially in greenhouse cultivation. We have taken the first step in this regard, and hopefully we will start to see similar investments more frequently in the coming period.”