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According to data held by the Statistics Institute of Turkey within January- September 2017 Turkey’s exports to top 10 countries are as follows:

  1. Germany

The export figure for the first 9 months to Germany, where 3 million Turks live, is 11 billion USD. Germany is the country where the biggest Turkish population lives outside Turkey, so many export items are needed and the biggest transactions are made with Germany. The main export products that ranked No.1 are: automotive, ready to wear, iron, machine, air conditioning, nuts, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits.

  1. UAE

Total exports to the United Arab Emirates in the first nine months of 2017 were7.8 billion USD. Main export items are structural iron, machinery, industrial products, agricultural products.

  1. Iraq

It is a country experiencing export convenience due to its border neighbor. The amount of exports made is 7 billion dollars. Jewelery from other precious metal-plated, wheat flour, construction materials, furniture, textile products, fruit and vegetables.

  1. United Kingdom

Motor vehicles are at the forefront of export items made to this country. Apart from this, textile and machinery sectors are mostly exported sectors. Total exports are 6 billion 993 million dollars.

  1. USA

The main products exported to the United States are, Turkey tractor parts, cement, copper, plastic products coming. Total export figure is 6 billion 451 million USD.

  1. Italy

Fish, nuts, jewelery metals, textile products, iron, aluminium, motor vehicles are the main export items. Total amount of exportation is 6 billion 123 million USD.

  1. France

The exporting products to France are mainly machinery, plastics and chemistry sector. Total export amount is 4.7 billion USD.

  1. Spain

The exportation made in the first 9 months in 2017 to Spain is 4 billion 652 million USD. Motor vehicles, olive oil, textile products, chemistry products, white appliances are the most important export items with Spain.

  1. Netherlands

Total amount of exporting is 2.68 billion USD. Turkey is mainly exporting to the Netherlands garment and accessories, motor vehicles, textile fibre and products.

  1. İsrail

Surprisingly Israel is in the top 10 list. There are many items especially electricity based. The isolated wires, cables and other electricity conductors, iron rods and other non-alloy steel rods, motor vehicles can be listed. The export amount in 2017 is 2 billion 420 million dollars.

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