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9 COMPANIES APPLIED TO YEKA-2 (Renewable Energy Resource Area) WIND TENDER

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources started with the participation of 9 companies in total wind energy renewable energy resource areas (YEKA) for 4 different regions.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Minister Abdullah Tancan is the chairman of the tender held in the Ministry.

With this YEKA-2, it is targeted to gain a second thousand megawatt to Turkey for 4 region each with 250 MW.  As the first YEKA did 1 thousand MW.

The companies participating in the tender with the subtraction procedure for the connection regions Aydın, Muğla, Balıkesir, and Çanakkale are:

– Enercon Wind Power Plant Installation Services Ltd. Sti.

– Enerjisa Production Plants AŞ

– Eze Construction AŞ

– İklim Elektrik Investment Industry and Trade AŞ

– Beyçelik Elewan Renewable Energy Production AŞ

– Res Anatolia Holding AŞ

– B. Ergünler Road Construction. Mining Transportation and Transportation AŞ

– Çinili Res Energy Production Industry Trade AŞ

– Gem Wind Energy Industry Trade AŞ

The YEKA tenders which play a big role in Turkey’s development and its transition to clean energy, are followed both by big companies and SME’s with a great interest. Turkey has a great potential in wind and solar energy so with the support and incentives of the Ministry, the studies in this area are expected to continue in the pre-project and project phases.