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Although Amazon is an American-based company, it is one of the few e-commerce sites in the world where everyone can trade and shop. had made Turkey the latest entry into the market. Let’s look closely to the success statistics of Amazon in global market and Turkish market.
Amazon’s net profit in 2018 was $ 232.9 billion.
The e-commerce giant earns approximately $ 75.15 per second.
In 2018, 5% of US retail sales belong to Amazon.
43% of American teenagers are Amazon’s favorite shopping sites..
9 out of 10 consumers check the price on Amazon before buying a product.
According to the latest data, the system has more than 2 million vendors and more than 12 million products registered in the system.
Amazon has over 300 million members on its website and over 112 million on its mobile applications.
63% of its users prefer to use prime membership.
Prime members have a maximum delivery time of 2 days.
Amazon is also a product search engine. About 50% of people who shop online visit Amazon to search for products.
Prime members spend 4.6 times more than regular members.
Amazon has more than 45,000 robots in its warehouses with more than 560,000 employees in order to provide more efficient service to its customers.
In 2018, the brand value increased by 25%.
Amazon’s brand value is $ 315.5 billion.
Amazon is also a technology company. It owns many brands focused on the Internet and technology. Amazon’s 10 popular brands are as follows; Amazon Go, Alexa, IMBD, Whole Foods, Audible, AbeBooks, Twitch, Curse, Blink, Kiva Systems.
Amazon Turkey, has been visited by 578 607 on September 19, the first day under operation.
Amazon is currently a 49.1% of America’s e-commerce volume and India is 30% of the e-commerce volume.Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos arrived in Bodrum with Flying Fox about 136 meters long luxury yacht, worth 400 million dollars. It is learned that Bezos, which has a fortune of 131 billion dollars, will not only make holiday in Bodrum, but will invest in the district where he walks for 2 hours by helicopter. Together with the two consultants of Bezos, he was especially fascinated by Yalikavak and Gundogan in the helicopter. Bezos, with especially in real estate development projects and ideas about the Amazon, it is claimed to plan to bring together 3 different sectors in Bodrum. Bezos will initially make an investment of $ 400 million.