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BinBin launches Bulgaria operation with 1000 scooters

BinBin, a technology company that produces technology in the field of micromobility and offers practical transportation solutions in Turkey, made its first electric scooter investment in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria


Offering service to more than 1.5 million users in 14 different cities across Turkey with its environmentally friendly, economical and fun solutions for short distance journeys for both a sustainable world and practical transportation, BinBin made its first foreign investment in Bulgaria. BinBin, which entered the Bulgarian market, where global and local micromobility players are present, with 1000 new scooters, started to serve Sofia users with its experience in operations and customer services. BinBin brought a breath of fresh air to the Bulgarian market, which Segway, a leading brand in the micromobility industry, entered with its devices.


BinBin CEO Kadir Abdik stated that they have grown steadily within the micromobility ecosystem and said that they are very happy to offer micromobility transportation solutions to the service of users abroad. Abdik stated that many criteria, from its population to its geographical characteristics, from public transportation opportunities to user trends, were influential in the selection of Sofia as the first country to operate abroad.


BinBin will continue to invest in different cities in line with the same criteria. The company, which will provide services with its field and support center team working 24/7, in Bulgaria, just like in our country, will contribute to the environmental awareness of Bulgaria, which develops strong policies in line with its environmental and climate goals, from cleaner air to cleaner transportation. BinBin aims to operate in 15 cities abroad by the end of the year.