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Business representatives are hopeful that the problems and bureaucratic obstacles will be swiftly overrun by stating that the new cabinet’s economic administration has emerged from within them. It was noted that the assignments made about the economy gave confidence.

After the announcement of the new cabinet, the eyes turned to economy management. The Decree Law issued in the previous days and the number of ministries related to the economy were reduced to 3 and the new cabinet names announced were welcomed by the business world. The realstate sector also carries the hope that the ministers from among themselves will help them overcome the problems more easily.

Chairman of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges estated that “the fact of having people in the cabinet coming from our business world is very important”.

TOBB President Rifat Hisarciklioglu said, “We are pleased to learn that the new cabinet announced by the President of the Republic of Turkey was made up of executive names in accordance with this new turn ahead. We see it especially important that people from our business world take part in the cabinet. We were also proud and pleased to see our new trade ministry out of the TOBB community. TOBB Board of Women Entrepreneurs Vice Chairman Mrs. Ruhsar Pekcan is a very valuable business woman trained in the business world and a senior manager who understands the dinamics of the economy. Representation of our business world will accelerate decision-making processes and ensure that structural reforms are passed on.”


TIM Chairman İsmail Gulle, “led by our President, the country will carry the goal of 2023 staff has become clear now. With the new system, bureaucratic processes will accelerate and the government will process decision-making mechanisms more quickly and effectively. ”

ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) Chairman Şekib Avdagiç said “I’m sure the technical dominance in the Presidential Cabinet will be reflected as gains in Turkey. Assignments made about the economy gave us confidence as business world. By looking at this name, I can say that the economy administration is good hands.”


ATO Chairman Gürsel Baran said, “The Presidential Government System has started a serious change and reform process. In this process, we will solve our problems rapidly and walk towards our bright future in hand and heart, unity and togetherness for the welfare of 81 million people. For progressing to the targets 2023, 2053 and 2071 and to be in the top 10 world economies, as ATO we will do all that is needed tasks we are given.”

MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association): NEW CABINET WILL RAISE FUTURE TARGETS

MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan said, “We find the new cabinet, which President Erdoğan appointed, extremely valuable in terms of signing this new period. As business world, the declared economy valuable team, which is entrusted, we believe it will increase in line with the future goals of our country and bring that acceleration higher by moving production, exports, investment and growth figures that Turkey have won in the last 16 years” he said.

Defining that the Minister of Tourism knowing and well aware of the problems of the sector, TÜROB (Turkish Hoteliers Union) President Timur Bayındır said, “We consider Mr. Mehmet Ersoy to be Minister of Culture and Tourism as a very positive development for the tourism sector.” The new Minister knows very well the problems of our industry as the owner of a leading hotel brand, travel agency and airline organization in our country. We will walk towards big targets with our new tourism minister Mr. Ersoy” he said.