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The second biggest country of world trade China, focused on logistics, energy, electronics, tourism and real estate investments in Turkey. After the entry of country’s two largest banks,  Bank of China and ICBC to Turkey, it has accelerated the entries of Chinese companies to Turkey and the number of Chinese companies in Turkey reached one thousand.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Ankara Deng Li said, ” China’s investment in Turkey now, $ 2.8 billion. The number of Chinese staff in Turkey 8 thousand. The sectors we are interested in investing are expanding. For example, a company from Jiangsu province, has invested a lot recently for textile factory in Turkey. The conferences between Turkey and China on finance, energy and the other subjects are going on. The commercial relationship between the two countries will develop faster in a short time. One of the main objective, to reach $ 6 billion by the year 2021 when it comes to the level of investment volume from China to Turkey.”

DEIK / Turkey-China Business Council President Murat Kolbaşı noted that the total trade volume between the two countries to 23 billion dollars by the end 2018.

Kolbasi said, “The 20 billion dollars of it is imports, $ 3 billion is exports, we have a deficit of $ 17 billion, in order to eliminate this, Turkish companies need to make more exports there.”

Kolbasi, who provided information on the 2021 targets of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, Deng Li, said:

“The exports number from Turkey to China is 3 billion $ and wants to double it until 2021 with an aim of 6 billion $. The investment is about $ 2.8 billion from China to Turkey. It is wanted to be doubled as well, so it is planning to increase the investment to $ 6 billion. Tourism has 800 thousand goals, 400 thousand at the moment, there are targets to double it, but I say 1 million 200 thousandBecause I find the development of tourism easier. My expectation in 2021, the number of tourists to 1 million 200 thousand. “

Explaining that the studies on the visa, Kolbasi said, ‘Although it is not at the desired level, that significant improvements were made according to many countries.’

Each year, 120 million Chinese travel abroad and spend about 300 billion dollars. To keep the increase in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Turkey, it is noted that it should be given more importance especially to the hotel’s culinary culture of ChinaDue to the rapidly growing Chinese tourists, some hotels are adding rice porridge to breakfast menus. In addition, as there are many less people talking English among Chinese tourists, it is needed to employ Chinese speaking staff in Turkey to get more share in this big tourism cake.