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Turkey has a big potential with its convenient lands and afordable and high skills workforce. In recent years, there are reasonable incentives for foreign investors that led the sector to be one of the most developing sector. Globally works done for the construction sector rised to 9,72 trillion dollars with a growth of %4 in the last 9 months. In Turkey during the same period, it rised to 131,3 billion dollars with a growth of %6,6.

According to the Engineering News-Record Magazine, Among the World’s top 250 construction companies 42 were Turkish, second country after China.

Turkey’s new projects carrying a big potential for construction sector and developing in every field with international collaborations. With the third airport of Istanbul under construction and recently completed world’s widest bridge, the third Bosphorus bridge, Turkey’s projects continue growing.

For connecting the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, there is a new Project called Kanal İstanbul which takes Panama Canal as a model. The cost of the Project was announced to be 20 billion dollars. With the bridges and the roads it will be rised to 100 billion dollars. The canal will have 43km length and will be available for supertankers and submarines to pass. It will create an opportunity in construction for the surrounding towns.

According to a Ministry of Economy report, Turkey has 67 cement plants, divided between 19 grinding units and 48 integrated units. Most of the output of these plants is also exported. Total production in 2015 was 71.2m tonnes, with 63.2m tonnes sold domestically and 7.7m tonnes exported.

Besides, also there is a huge potential abroad. By the end of 2015, the number of the countries where Turkish contractors were active was 104, with a total number of projects of 7.684, representing 300,3 billion dollars.

According to these numbers, Turkey covered a distance in construction sector and it keeps going and shows us the development will keep on going and will keep Turkey into the first places in the World´s construction sector.