Conexio consulting


Turkey, with its 78 million population, %16,5 young, has a big potential of employment. It contains in itself qualified and non-qualified workforce with a great value.

The big part of the employment in Turkey is provided by the sector of Agriculture. This percentage tend to move to service sector with a huge increase.  By June the most employment requirement of sectors are in a row Textile, Construction, Trading, Manufacturing, Service, Automotive and Tourism. The most workforce is provided by Retailing Sector, the sub-sector of Trading with a number of %52.

New investment encouragement, the need for quick development of the country and new policies that government following offer opportunities to new companies with a low cost and qualified workforce.

Turkey in that terms is a big potential. Offers many and variable resources to foreign investment. Conexio Consulting operates establishing a new company and hunting and selection progress for foreign companies in  Turkey.

And the numbers… In april 2016, comparing to the same period last year, employee number rises 1 million to 27 million 638, employment rate rises with 1 point to %47,. Workforce in april 2016, comparing to the same period last year, rises 1 million 3 to 30 million 462, employment participation rate rises 0,9 point to %52 . According to the comparisons in same periods, the employment participation rate for men rises 0,7 point to %71,9 and for women 1,2 point to %32,6

This employment growth will maintain strongly with the new investments and the new young qualified generation of Turkey.