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The facilities opened with the completion of the preparations made according to the criteria determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the scope of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), host their guests.
Standing out with its sea, sand and sun as well as its canyons, historical and touristic attractions, Antalya hosts tourists from different countries, especially Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, in the new normalization process.
The city, which was visited by 21 thousand 44 foreigners in June, was visited by 27 thousand 83 foreign tourists from different countries on July 1-7. 10 thousand 498 of them were Ukrainian tourists.
Reminding that tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that affected the whole world, Antalya’s new Governor Ersin Yazıcı said, “Naturally, Antalya tourism was also negatively affected by this process. This process negatively affected our city in general, as tourism also affected other sectors. But Antalya has also managed to become the province that took this process under control in the fastest way ”.
Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı noted that, according to the statistics of 2019, Antalya earned $ 10 billion directly from tourism and $ 15-20 billion indirectly.
According to the report of Mehmet Kara from Dünya Newspaper, Yazıcı emphasized that although a double-digit growth is expected in Antalya’s tourism revenues at the beginning of 2020 compared to the previous year, these expectations have been postponed with the pandemic process.
Stating that the people who closed their homes during this process also postponed their vacation plans, Yazıcı said, “However, people all over the world are very tired of the pandemic and everyone needs a vacation. “When we look at it today, Antalya is one of the healthiest and safest tourism destinations in the world,” he said.
Governor Ersin Yazıcı, who shared the information that 21 thousand 44 people visited Antalya in June, said that they observed a slow increase in the number of tourists as of July. Yazıcı said:
“Our biggest pride is that our guests, who visited our city for vacation, say goodbye to us after seeing safe tourism. In their social media accounts, they share how safe Antalya is and that they made the right choice because they chose our city in this period. Although we say Antalya is safe, it is more effective for a tourist who has a holiday here to say that he finds Antalya healthy and safe. ”
Stating that the number of foreign visitors coming to Antalya is increasing gradually, Governor Yazıcı said, “27 thousand 83 foreign guests came to Antalya Airport between 1-7 July. 10 thousand 48 of our guests are Ukrainians. All of our Ukrainian guests are happy with their holidays. We are observing an increase in the UK from Turkey also of British tourists booking holidays with the declared safe zone, “he said.
Stating that the fruits of the successful measures taken during COVID-19 have started to reap gradually, Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı said, “I believe that we will start a rapid rise towards the end of July. “I guess we will return to the normal course of Antalya tourism as of the end of August,” he said.
With the Healthy Tourism Certification Program initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the contributions of the Ministry of Health, Interior Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, and the cooperation of all sector stakeholders, the tourists, who have the opportunity to have a safe holiday, participate in tours within the framework of the measures taken.
In Cappadocia, foreign tourists who participate in activities throughout the day in Ürgüp and Avanos districts, Göreme, Uçhisar and Ortahisar towns and surrounding touristic centers enjoy the “new normal”.
In Turkey, more secure itself because in many countries felt that expresses Garcia, “I’m happy to be in Cappadocia. Turkey is a very safe country for tourists. Everywhere clear and very clean. We both social distance and easily we visit, cleaning rules Everything is better than I expected. ” said.
Uruguayan Daniela Decoud said that she dreamed of participating in a hot air balloon tour while coming to Cappadocia and expressed her regret when she learned that tours could not be made within the scope of Kovid-19 measures, and said that she aimed to come back to the region as soon as possible.
Şenöz indicating that tourists in Turkey in a safe and peaceful way to find recreation facilities, he said
“We started to host our foreign guests. Firstly, our Uruguayan guests came to the region. We expect to host foreign tourists from different countries in the region. Our guests appreciate the measures taken regarding the coronavirus, the cleanness of the vehicles, hotels and accommodation facilities. The positive perception about Turkey abroad in this direction, they express that judge. They say they would recommend their friends to go to Turkey when they return to their country. Tourists can have their holidays in a very safe environment. I hope we will start serving with a greater potential when the balloon flights begin. Some of our hotels have started to receive reservations from different countries for the coming months. Turkey, as long as the continued success of the fight against coronavirus I believe we will welcome more foreign tourists.
Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan stated that as of August, normalization will be achieved in tourism activity, especially in Antalya.

Referring to the most intense epidemic in countries such as the USA, Brazil, India and Russia, Alpaslan stated that the whole world lives in quarantine in the spring months.
Turkey healthy and Alpaslan explaining that important steps have been taken with all stakeholders on safe tourism, the epidemic process that no doubt take place to serve the granting point in the criteria determining these criteria from the plant voiced desired applications.
Stating that the facilities that apply the criteria are also accredited by internationally recognized organizations, Alpaslan said, “Nearly 500 of our facilities have received a Safe Tourism Certificate since June. This is not only limited to tourism facilities. , the airport transport, airways, travel agencies, restaurants, this certificate program works in all areas of the premises. We demonstrated in Turkey to be the first in the world. eyeing our system is praised in the world. ” used the expressions.