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The rapidly growing consumer electronics industry in the world continues to be of interest to Turkey. After global players from the Far East, another technology giant TCL specialized in mobile devices, preferred Turkey. Joining forces with Arçelik, TCL started smartphone production.
Noting that they provide a wide range of incentives and advantages to global brands and domestic manufacturers, Minister of Industry Varank said, “We have the following advice to global brands: Don’t just think about the Turkish market, think especially about exports from Turkey, and increase domestic suppliers and produce your brand in our country much more efficiently and lower your costs. In this way, take advantage of Turkey’s advantages in your global market race.” made his call.
Explaining that different brands have planned actions in their investment strategies and their intention to increase their targets, Varank pointed out that as the Ministry, together with other units of the government, global brands will do their best to further increase their technology investments in Turkey.
TCL is among the fastest growing technology companies in the world. TCL’s television and mobile devices are sold in more than 160 countries, and there are also audio devices and smart home products. Arçelik, with which TCL has joined forces, sells its products in nearly 150 countries with its 12 brands and 30 thousand employees worldwide. It is stated that the partnership between TCL and Arçelik will develop further in the future.
With the investments of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, Turkey is expected to become one of the region’s important smartphone production bases.
While many technology companies have recently announced their investment decisions in Turkey, these investments have provided employment opportunities for many people, in addition to their contribution to the country’s economy.
The investment journey of digital technology companies in Turkey, which started with Huawei’s R&D center about 10 years ago, has continued with Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung, TECNO Mobile and TCL recently. Realme and Vivo also joined the companies that announced their investment decision in Turkey.
While smartphone manufacturers are clustering especially in and around Istanbul, some of the companies that have turned to entry-level models in Turkey at the first stage have started to offer their phones produced in Turkey to the domestic market. These phones, which were released as domestic production, also come to the fore with their more affordable price provided by the taxation advantage.
The world’s 3rd largest phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, started phone production in Turkey with the factory it opened in Istanbul in March.
Investing 30 million dollars in Turkey, the company chose Turkey as the 4th country in the world where it produces. With the said investment, the company will employ approximately 2,000 people.
OPPO, China’s largest phone manufacturer, announced that it started production in a factory with a closed area of 12 thousand square meters in Tuzla in March.
After OPPO A15s, the first model produced in Turkey, OPPO presented its second phone, Reno5 Lite, which came with the phrase “Made in Turkey” to users.
South Korean technology giant Samsung also started production in Turkey. Having signed an agreement with Atmaca Elektronik, which produces under the “Sunny” brand, Samsung’s Turkish-made mobile phones began to take their place in stores with the inscription “Assembled in Turkey”.
Chinese smartphone giant TECNO started production in Turkey with an investment of 35 million dollars. TECNO Mobile’s Turkey Country Manager Hank Li stated that they aim to create employment for approximately 1,000 people at the factory in Pendik, Istanbul, and stated that they plan to increase their investments in Turkey in the long term.