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Located in the top 5 in the world in health tourism, hair transplantation economy grew last year to over $ 1 billion in Turkey. In recent years, Turkey has become a place frequented by patients from all over the world, in health tourism.
Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Health Commissioner Servet Terziler, made a speech to Anadolu Agency and said that hair transplantation in Turkey is in between 2000 – 2500 Euro band. He continued ” Health tourism in Turkey is at a point with a rising momentum each year during the last 9-10 years and has an increasing trend every year. One of the biggest effects of this is a really quality health tourism is given in Turkey. Modern health care in Africa and Russia is close to zero. America is the country where you can get modern health care in the world. World is hungry for a good health service. Turkish medicals have seen this opportunity and also since 1980s private health investments are done very fast. This brought a good challenging brands in Turkey. Turkey created his own detailed brands in general health, optics, dental, ear throat and hair transplantation.”
Terziler saying that Turkey drew attention because of its European standard services as hair transplanting if one of the most expensive and hardest operations in the world, added: “When Turkey started to do the transplanting operations with high standard and with a price of world’s 1/3, it caught attention in the world. Turkey began to capture a growing momentum with each passing year with word of mouth marketing as the coming products are very qualified. Initially, the Arabs began to come for hair transplant operation in Turkey but especially in the last three years the number of Europeans multiplied Arabs 4-5 times. In particular, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and France as an intensive continental Europe to Turkey began flocking arrival in aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation. Patients from countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark come for especially silicone butt operation.”
Terziler said, ” The plantation, which was originally 8-9,000 euros, has now fallen to 4-5,000 euros in Europe. The scissors are closing. In Turkey the average band is between 2- 2500 euros band There are over 1 billion dollars in volume of Turkey hair plantation where we look at last year’s data. If we manage this correctly, it will increase. If we can’t manage it right, it’s gone.”
Terziler, stated that the value of health tourism in the world is over 200 billion dollars, said ” It is known that the volume of health tourism in Turkey is 2.5 billion dollars. America and India take the largest part of this cake,”he said. He underlined that India is good in spiritual health, such as spa tourism, spiritual detox and meditation.
Branding in the field of health tourism, creating quality destinations worldwide, quality service is important. Turkey gives “third world prices, the service in the first world quality”.