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The future is now for those who can adapt themselves to the digital world. It is a must-have role to be played in the world league. To develop the digital marketing channels, using social media strategically, e-commerce etc. are the keys for taking part in digital businesses. In Turkey, it’s getting more and more popular as it is globally. Especially the young enterpreneur’s start-ups are using digital channels very effectively and you can be informed about a new product so quickly. And the most important part is you can reach masses by digital ways. Now even the biggest and the most traditional companies in Turkey using digital business tools to reach more consumers and new customers with very low-cost marketing activities.

According to the latest researchs, Turkey’s digital index point rise up to %61. The sectors showing the highest digital performance are financial services, service sector, retail trade, trade and maintenance of motor land vehicles. The most successful companies are focusing on digital services. And those that are stepping back explained this attitute by security concerns.

Turkey is now improving itself in digital business and making new steps forward to be part of it. There is a big organization that creates events, network etc., you can find more info in

New graduated youngsters are looking for a job where they can work mobile. So they want to develop their knowledge about SEO, e-commerce, social media and digital business. A lot of Turkish universities offer post graduate programmes related which can lead new job opportunities. The youngsters having these certificate, starting their own business which we can call start-ups. They have a big network and advertising themselves over social media more and more day by day. You can find more info in

For example, Turkey is a good place for marketing online shopping websites. The easily transporting opportunity and the availability for the products (for example textile products manufactured in Turkey). There can be more ideas for startups in Turkey with the diversity of people and the young population.

Conexio Consulting is a consulting firm in Turkey based in Istanbul that can help you and support your company with a good knowledge of Turkish market, developing start-ups and digital business ideas.