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Denizli based, Turkey’s first and leading integrated energy company Aydem energy, renewable energy will continue to work to get the focus in 2021 with new investments. The Holding will make a total investment of 3.8 billion TL across group companies in 2021. In the next 5 years, the investment to be made only within the scope of distribution companies will be 9.6 billion TL.
Aydem Energy, which has been operating in the fields of electrical energy generation, distribution and retailing for 40 years, will invest 3.8 billion TL in infrastructure works, hybrid technologies in electricity generation and existing power plants development projects in 2021. Sharing his views on the company’s investments and future targets, Aydem Energy CEO İdris Küpeli stated that 2020 is a challenging year for the energy sector, and stated that companies that generate electricity from renewable sources and electricity distribution companies are much less affected by this difficult period compared to many sectors.
Noting that they aim to grow in the field of employment in parallel with their future plans, Küpeli said, “Regardless of the conditions, our priority is human. We did not compromise on this basic approach during the pandemic period. We both worked to protect our own human resources and to continue the service we offer to consumers and the public in our region without interruption. In order to provide them, we have brought 600 talents to our group and preserved all of our existing staff.We will increase our human resources by 10 percent in 2021.
Direct investment to accelerate reforms in the field of economics and law in Turkey is expected, in the process of foreign automotive, white goods, of interest to software and logistics sector is expected to increase.
Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Foreign Investments Business Council President Abdullah Çerekçi said that last year, global direct investments saw the bottom due to the epidemic, and that the investment amount, which was 1.5 trillion dollars, fell below 1 trillion dollars.
Çerekç of foreign direct investment to Turkey that after 2015 decline experienced and transferring this figure in 2019 at 8.4 billion dollars realized in 2020 Turkey has received the loss in direct investments is less than the global decline, he said.
Abdullah Çerekçi stated that in this period, a large number of medium-scale direct investments could be seen on the industry side instead of large direct investments, but made the following evaluations:
“Shifts and are still continuing to supply Turkey with the problem originated in the automotive sector, I think particularly to the fore in private investment in the electronic parts production. Demand boom during which household appliances, furniture, have a significant advantage in Turkey in various sectors such as electronic home appliances. This I expect that sector on the radar of foreign investors. on the other hand, Turkey has a rapidly growing software ecosystem. do not Secretion with the wind at the back of the digital sales and service platforms for software investments in Turkey, according to Europe has a significant cost advantage. for this reason, the software industry will continue to attract attention. ”
Çerekç of the revision of the supply chain and logistics center that strengthens the role of Turkey in this period, said they expect the arrival of the technology-oriented investment for the logistics infrastructure.
Stating that direct investments can accelerate in the second half of the year as the effect of the epidemic begins to disappear, Çerekçi said, “The implementation of reforms in the field of law and economy until this period will accelerate the direct investment process.” said.
Çerekçi said, Turkey’s return to foreign direct investment in the first place in 10 billion dollars and 15 billion dollars after stating the need to target, to 10 billion dollars in 2021, said he found the realistic level.
Turkey-Germany Business Council of DEIK Chairman Steven Young also operating in Turkey more than 7 thousand German origin company that, since the time of the Ottoman large-scale activities showed them where he told.
These firms Turkey does not wish to and existing investments from pleased that the many reasons for which state that Young, some of these reasons “gain medium can provide,” “qualified labor force,” “to be predictable investment climate” and “logistics conditions”, he said.
Young, in Turkey; Pointing out that it is always an attractive market for German companies with its geographical proximity, qualified and flexible workforce, high performance production, “In addition to these, the compatibility of the industrial infrastructure with Europe, the close commercial partnership with Europe for years and especially the importance after the epidemic is more important. It is well understood that its features such as its logistical convenience and of course the important incentives provided by the state have made this market an important center for foreign investments. he spoke.
The present period, that he saw as the most favorable period for foreign investment in Turkey, representing Young, especially after the outbreak of “selling the west manufactures in China” Considering changes will take place in the model, not only between Germany and Turkey to develop bilateral economic cooperation between Turkey and Europe He also stated that there is a very important opportunity for him.
Steven Young, Turkey’s trade is carried out with half of the European countries, he said that the biggest foreign investors again come from this continent.
A total of 150 billion dollars to 14 billion dollars in foreign direct investment in Turkey that they came from Germany Young, “which direct investments provided by Germany, the total foreign direct investment of 9 percent in the country, while the investments provided from Europe accounted for 14 percent. ” said.
Turkey, which is very strong in supply, both Germany and stressed that China is a very important alternative to other European countries.