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ISTRADE: The Energy Trading and Supply Summit

The Energy Trading and Supply Summit ISTRADE 2018 will be held this year in Istanbul on April 9-10.

According to the statement made by the Energy Fair which organizes the Summit with the support of the Ministr of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the issues of energy trade, current developments, forecasts and the future of organized markets will be discussed.

Many associations and experts of the Sector will be at the summit, and there will be held panels about the Energy Trade Digital Conversion, the retail electricity market and distribution, the Electricity Market Trading and Supply, Gas Trading and Storage, Turkey Natural Gas Trade and Commerce and digitalization in the oil & gas market.

ISTRADE which is under the auspices of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and with the support of Energy Market Regulatory Authority, is the only plantform organized in the field of “energy trade andsupply” in Turkey.

Having a unique exhibition area for the companies to present products and new technologies, it is carried out with the participation of important guests in renewable energy and nuclear power fields, particularly in electricity and natural gas industries and successfully continuing to grow each year.

The Turkey Energy Summit is an excellent communication platform where the legal deposits and regulations are adjusted to a free market model in the country’s renewable energy, electricity and natural gas industries that are made to attract both domestic and foreign investors. Turkey Energy Summit also delivers achievement awards.

Golden Voltage and Golden Valve awards by Gas&Power Network and Green Power newspapers and Golden Barreland Golden Bottle awards are presented by Energy Petrol Gas newspapers during the gala dinner organised within the scope of Turkey Energy Summit. The awards are given in order to encourage the companies, operating in the energy industry to carry out social responsibility projects.

ISTRADE 2018 will take place at Raffles Hotel in Istanbul between the 9th and 10th of April 2018.

Some of the topics to be discussed this year are as follows:

  • Trade and Supply in Electricity, Oil and Natural Gas Markets
  • Digital Conversion in Energy
  • Retail Markets and Distribution
  • Energy Trade and Blokchain
  • Future Trends in Electric Markets

You can find the participation form and details in the following website: