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New regulation on imports surveillance in Turkey

In some product groups, changes were made in the surveillance practice carried out in order to closely monitor the progress of imports in Turkey.

Surveillance practice in imports is one of the practices that has come to the fore especially in recent years and aims to prevent the damages that may be experienced by domestic manufacturers. Along with the surveillance application, it is also aimed at preventing tax losses that must be calculated on imports. In this context, importer and exporter companies should pay attention to various points. With the surveillance application, it is aimed to tax the goods over the determined customs value. With the surveillance application that came into effect in 2019, various amounts have been determined for products to be taxed in imports.

14 notices on the surveillance application have been updated to reflect the changes in the 2022 Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule.

The notices of the Ministry of Commerce on the subject entered into force after being published in the Official Newspaper.

The aforementioned notices regulate the provisions regarding the surveillance application to be carried out in the import of smartphones, photovoltaic cells, led bulbs, clutch, natural wood panel, some plywood, doors and some water heaters whose unit customs value is below the determined amounts.

In the notices, there are also principles regarding the surveillance to be applied in the imports of some lighting devices, furniture, nitrile gloves, other thin and thick pipes and hollow profiles made of iron or steel, brake linings, some parts and components of motor vehicles, regardless of country. In this context, smartphones with a unit value below the customs value of 200 dollars can be imported through a surveillance document.