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With the recent amendments made in solar energy, business owners will be able to install solar power plants on their roofs by paying leasing installments for the first 5 years as electricity bills, and then they will be able to produce electricity free of charge.

QNB Finans Leasing and Solarçatı Installation Services Inc. signed a cooperation protocol covering solar energy power plant installation projects.

According to the statement from the related company, the consultancy and installation services within the framework of the protocol will take place as the financial solution partner of Qnb Finansleasing in solar roof projects made by Solarçatı.

With the latest regulation changes introduced in the solar energy sector, operators will be able to have solar energy on the roof by paying leasing installments as they pay the electricity bill for the first 5 years. Operators will be able to produce their own electricity free of charge after 5 years.

With the latest amendments to the regulation, the installed power limit in unlicensed electricity generation was increased from 1 megabase to 5 megawatts and a monthly settlement was implemented.

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