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Siemens-Türkerler-Kalyon Consortium will carry wind turbine blade production to Aliağa with an investment of 50 million Euros. 200 people will be employed in the project to be completed in one year. Siemens-Türkerler-Kalyon Consortium, which won the renewable energy tender, decided to produce wind blade in Aliağa.

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ) President Haluk Tezcan said, “We are extremely happy with the decision of the consortium and it is important to bring a giant brand like Siemens to Aliaga.”

The consortium that will produce wind turbine blades with an investment of approximately € 50 million has started infrastructure works for the new factory. The infrastructure works carried out by Derebeton continued at full speed and it was stated that construction is expected to be completed inless than a year.

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone President Haluk Tezcan who stated that Aliağa region has started to become a base for wind energy and equipment production, continued ” It is a pleasure to have a giant like Siemens in our region. The fact that multinational companies have been in our region together with their Turkish partners has made Aliağa a center of attraction. With the latest investment, 28 foreign companies now operate in our  region. In the coming period, Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone will strengthen its power with new investments.”

Energy Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (ENSİA) Chairman Hüseyin Vatansever said in a statement that Siemens-Gamesa’s investment in Izmir should not be viewed only through the employment window. Vatansever said, “In the manufacturing process of wind turbine 3 thousand pieces are used. Approximately 80 percent of this is supplied from sub-industry. We have the opportunity to become a very important supplier industry. This investment will also accelerate the construction process of Çandarlı Port. Not only for Turkey, but there will be production for all around the world. Therefore, it will have an impact on exports.” Vatansever expressed that Turkey will experience an increase in the export value-added products with the wind turbine investment.

Vatansever who touched on the importance of learning the business culture with the big companies in the energy sector, stated that” The government should bring the issue of 5th regional incentives to the agenda, especially for those who produce domestic equipment in the renewable energy sector. We demand this not only to large firms but also to our supplier industry.”

With this investment the Turkish Renewable Energy Sector and the region will develop correspondly.