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There is an increasing interest in halal products in the world and in Turkey. Sensitive brands that see this tendency are on “showing off”and displaying all the benefits of using their products. Production processes and application of the product determine whether they are halal or not. The halal brands in recent years have been the […]


Iran, country that has a great historical background, It is the present heir of the Persians and the Med Empires, dating back in 625. Especially the wars of the Persians with the Greeks and with the Great Alexander are still stories told from the bottom of History. Iranian culture is pre-Islamic and has reached the […]

Food Sector Trends and Turkey

Turkey made a significant breakthrough in the food sector by adopting a number of norms such as food engineering, quality control, hygiene and related document requirements with examples from developed world countries. For 10 years, the service and culinary professions in the food and beverage sector have developed from different business lines. Turkey’s great cousine […]