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Digital billboards in Times Square display “Invest in Turkey” message

Invest in Turkey Times Square

The Turkish Presidential Investment Office published the “Invest in Turkey” message on digital billboards in Times Square in New York. The Presidential Investment Office, which aims to attract value-added and technology-oriented investments that will strengthen Turkey’s position in the global supply chain and carry it forward, has added a new one to its efforts to […]


The British financial institution Standard Chartered reported its economic forecasts for 2030. According to the report, China will be the world’s largest economy after 11 years. India will follow it. US economy will fall to 3rd place. According to Standard Chartered report, Turkey will rise as well to the 5th largest economy in the World […]


Turkey’s army has the second largest number of troops after US among NATO countries. So now, Turkey is moving towards becoming a global player in the defense industry. Defense industry firms produce projects, show their products in foreign fairs looking for new markets. Turkey recently turned to forward its security field to new joint venture […]