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Vodafone Turkey Top Manager (CEO) Colman Deegan, paved the way of investments, the promotion of investment climate and commissioning of new incentives in this area in Turkey, stating that the candidate to be leader of the telecommunications industry, ” in 13 years in the Turkish market we have done a 21 billion over investment. Turkey and the confidence we have in the future of the industry in 2020, we will continue our investment. ” said.
Stating that the total number of broadband subscribers was 75.3 million, Deegan said:
“Electronic communications sector operators have reached approximately 16.2 billion liras income. The increase in income in the sector also affected the investments positively and the total amount of investments made by the operators was over 2.8 billion liras. As a company, we continued our investments in 2019 by focusing on providing quality services to our customers.
We have spent a year in our hearts prepared by our customers and prepared for the digital future. In the first half of our 2019-2020 fiscal year covering April-September 2019, we invested TL 733 million. Vodafone Turkey, 24.1 million mobile and fixed broadband customers we serve around 1 million. While the number of our 4.5G customers was 16 million, the number of subscribers using our new generation access technologies such as ‘fiber to home’ reached 239 thousand.”
In 2019, Deegan stated that they took digitalization to their focus with the aim of being a technology communication company and prioritized digitalization in all channels. 11.5 million, reported that the monthly visit traffic exceeds 260 million. Colman Deegan, as Vodafone worldwide, stressing that they play a critical role in the development of 5G technologies, said that they contribute to the administration of the first 5G signal in Turkey. Deegan, said: ” On the other hand, 5g of the service we received from Narrow Band Object Technology pioneer in Turkey for the first time on the Internet, the number of employees is increasing with each passing day our local and national companies. 5G applications which will escalate at a rapid pace of digitization league in Turkey, has already started working on our existing network. We are leading the development of local and national 5G technology through working groups led by BTK. Turkey’s 5G journey, as it was until now will continue to support in a stable manner in the coming period and will continue to bring next-generation technologies with Turkey.”
Deegan, CEO of Vodafone, giving information about their social investments in 2019 said, ” Under the umbrella of Vodafone Turkey Foundation, last 12 years, we touch the lives of about 4 million of our citizens, we have made social investments of $ 41 million. We have provided coding training to more than 43,000 children since August 2016 with our Tomorrow Coders and project and reached 54,000 women in 4 years with our Women First in Entrepreneurship project.” Turkey is continuing belief in the potential of expressing Deegan, as they invested in Turkey market 21 billion TL over 13 years, they have invested, their belief in the future of Turkey and the sector reported that they would continue to invest in 2020.
Deegan said that in the future, new generation technologies that cut every sector horizontally from health to education, from gaming to automotive, will go beyond traditional mobile communication and accelerate the processes and make them more effective and efficient and create new business models. Emphasizing the importance of creating a sustainable local and national ecosystem for digitalization, Deegan pointed out the importance of open cooperation, coordination and dialogue between institutions. Deegan said, “Opening the way for investment, promotion of investment climate and Turkey, with the commissioning of new incentives in this field, poised to become the leader of the telecommunications industry.”