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In the recent years Turkey speed up the projects in fields like transportation, infraestructure, energy and defence. These big scale projects left behind 130 countries GDP with their financial capacity. The cost of these mega projects are over 138 billion dolars. Turkey’s vision to 2023 consists of the following projects:

Southeast Anatolia Projects (GAP): 28 billion dollars.

Istanbul 3rd Airport: 22 billion euros. The total cost of the airport is 25,6 billion euros. Yearly pasasenger capacity is 150 million. With the biggest tender in Turkey’s history, it is aimed to be the most important hab in the World.

Sinop Nuclear Plant: 22 billion dollars. Installed Capacity: 4.800 MW. Reactor Type: VVER-1200 (AES-2006). Unit Amount: 4 (1200 MW*4). In this kind of big nuclear plant, 500.000 type machine-equipmant-tools are used. And it is also aimed to use local products.

Akkuyu Nuclear Plant: 20 billion dollars. Installed Capacity: 4.480 MW. Reactor Type: ATMEA-1. Unit Amount: 4 (1120 MW*4). When Akkuyu and Sinop Nuclear Plants start-up, they will make %10 of the total installed capacity of the Country.

İstanbul-İzmir HighWay: 16 billion dollars. Travel time İstanbul-İzmir will be 3,5 hours.

Osmangazi Bosphorus Bridge: The pass from İzmir gulf reduces to 6 minutes from 1 hour. The total length of the bridge is 2.682 m and with a center span of 1.550 m. The bridge has world’s biggest 4 central span.

Canal Istanbul: 15 billion dollars

Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Savaştepe HighWay: 8 billion dollars. 18 Mart 2017 (expected groundbreaking), 2023 (expected opening). That will connect Istanbul to the west side of Central Anatolia and North Aegean. It will be an alternative to Bosphorus Way.

When the Project is completed, Balıkesir will be connected to Istanbul over Çanakkale also with the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. Çanakkale will get closer to Istanbul. Also this highway merge with Istanbul- İzmir HighWay and İzmir will be connected to Istanbul.

1915 Çanakkale Bridge: 5 billion dollars. The most important part of these mega projects is 5 billion cost 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.

Marmaray: 5 billion dollars. Marmaray is a reformation Project of 76 km railway between Gebze- Halkalı. When the Project is completed it will consist of two suburgatory lines and one intercity line.

Haydarpaşa Port Project: 5 billion dollars

High Speed Railway Line Project (Ankara-İstanbul): 5 billion dollars. Travel time 1,5 hours Ankara-İstanbul. Maximum speed: 350 km/h. The line will start from Ankara and reach to Halkalı over the 3rd bridge.

Ankara-İzmir Highspeed Train: 4,2 billion dollars

Ankara-İstanbul Highspeed Train: 4 billion dollars

Eurasia Tunnel: 1,3 billion dollars

Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Bosphorus Highway Tube Tunnel Project) is connecting two continents not only with the bridges but with the tunnel highway under the sea.

Conexio Consulting will help you with the investment opportunities and market research about these projects. These projects include international companies’ collaboration and different high skilled professionals will be needed, especially from Europe. Conexio is a very experienced consulting firm in Turkey based in Istanbul, that will help you to develop your projects in Turkey.