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Turkey became one of the world’s most popular centers in ‘hair transplantation’ sector. With more than 5000 people travelling to Turkey for this operation each month, Istanbul is now the main actor in ‘Hair Transplantation’ which is a billion dollar volume industry. Last 6 years, the foreign patients visiting Turkey reached up to 600.000 and the income was over 2,5 billion dollars. These datas made ‘hair plantation’ sector the leader of the health tourism.

In Turkey the prices for ‘hair transplantation’ operation is are between 1.700- 3.000 $, around 15.000- 25.000 $ in USA. These reasonable price policies, professional services and the touristic dynamics (historical, natural and cultural ) of Turkey attract many people around the world. It serves a qualified and low-cost service in the sector with professionals leading up successful operations. The hospitals and tourism professionals are acting together to attract more people with ‘hair transplantation packages’ which includes picking up from and taking back to the airport with a driver and translator, the city tours, shopping requests…

The centers in Turkey also developed themselves technologically with different kind of methods in hair transplantation. The most important one of them is FUE and this method developed for ‘Micro FUE’ technic which is more effective in one session and the results are more natural. The other one is DHI (Direct Hair Implant) method, which is easily applied without any stitch, cut etc. And the final progress is robotic hair transplant, is a designed technology which enables the transplantation more comfortable and correctly. Robotic hair transplantation can be basically defined as an operation done automatically collecting hair roots and transplanting manually.

Most patients are from Gulf countries and European countries. And one of the biggest hair transplantation center opened a branch in Kuwait because of a huge demand from that country. The head of the center said they are thinking about adding more branches in other Middle east countries.

The health tourism in the world is 50 billion $ size and Turkey has only 500 million $ part of it. The aim of the sector is having more market share  and in 2023 it is expected to reach in hair transplantation 20- 25 million $.

Turkey’s golden age in this sector is not a chance as it is serving very qualified and reasonably priced comparing to prices abroad. Now health tourism affected the tourism in many ways and made a positive impact to grow together.