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According to the statement made by Jewelers Exporters’ Union, in October 267 million 293 thousand 310 dollars in jewelry exports realized, in the first 10 months of the year 3 billion 488 million dollars was signed exports. The Jewelers Exporters’ Union realized the most exports to the EU with 113 million 989 thousand 170 dollars on a country group basis. On the basis of countries, the most exports in October were listed as, 48 million 436 thousand 944 dollars to the UK, while the first 5 countries in jewelry exports, 48 million 436 thousand 944 dollars in the United Kingdom, 25 million 322 thousand 700 dollars with the United States, 23 million 696 thousand 569 dollars with The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong with 18 million 580 thousand 655 dollars and 15 million 85 thousand 112 dollars to Libya. October, the most exports, 160 million 630 thousand 785 dollars made of gold jewelry and jewelery goods group was realized 54 million 191 thousand 494 dollars of unprocessed or semi-processed gold, 23 million 585 thousand 697 dollars of gold jewelry and parts of diamonds were exported. Mustafa Kamar, Chairman of the Board of Jewelers Exporters Union, stated that they achieved approximately 3.5 billion dollars of this year’s goals in 10 months and stated the following: ” This amount is an indication that we are making sure steps towards the export target of 6 billion dollars for the next year. In order to increase the export of jewelery as the Union, we act with strategic steps by identifying target markets. Since the beginning of the year, we have visited potential markets on site and brought buyers and members together. Roadshows, trade delegation trips and fairs we participated in this vision revealed the 10-month table. As the sector, we have a good performance in export, we will reach our targets with this power and determination.” Turkish companies that produce at high European standards compared to their Chinese competitors outperform competitors like Italy with their low prices. The products produced mainly by domestic facilities, resources, engineering and design are being used in a wide geography from America to Europe and from Gulf countries to Asia, especially in the countries in the near geography. Kuyumcukent (The Jewelry Hub in İstanbul) Chairmen of the board Nevzat Sudaş, explaining that the people who escaped from the political crises and wars in the Middle East have made a significant contribution to the sector and said: “People from the jewelery sector in the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar see Turkey as a safe haven and they support our manufacturers. The weakest of the incoming trades comes with 300-500 kilos of gold. They caused serious mobility in Kuyumcukent. Until 8-10 years ago, we were in 5th place in the world market in gold and diamond sector and now we have reached the same levels with Italy. In production we will most likely pass Italy soon. At the point of design, we continue to follow up.”
Tarz Alyans General Manager Mert Ayarman also stated that as a company they export mostly European based, “We have an Office in Munich. We distribute to Central European countries through this office. We sell to other countries through our representatives there. We are currently actively exporting to 38 countries.” Ayarman said that they were pleased with the contribution of the government to the gold and jewelery sector. He said that removing the added value from diamonds in exports last year was a driving force for the sector and an order was built for the manufacturers. Stating that in the next 50 years a global brands will be released from Turkey are expected Ayarman said, The manufacturing capability of Turkish exports is high. Our labor costs are cheap and our capacity is increasing. We produce quality product as well. We have the same quality as the product produced in Italy and we have the chance to sell it for half the price.”
Jewelry sector, in the recent years become also one of the most attractive sectors to invest in Turkey.