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As time progresses and technology develops, sectors change, the fields that countries make investments change and employment is developing by these sectors. As some sectors are becoming important, new sectors are emerging and the workforce becomes more qualified. In Turkey also, sector trends change depending on time and technology. Let’s look at the high-speed sectors that have gained speed and have a development potential.

  1. IT AND TECHNOLOGY: Turkey has begun to give full attention to technology, innovation. Because, in the process starting with R & D, technology is developing, this is reflected in the increased productivity as the quality and productivity increase. And field of nanotechnology; genetics or biotechnology; new generation nuclear fuels and technologies; hydrogen and fuel cell technologies; and super-conductors stand out. In addition, the newly-built technology centers, R&D centers are geared towards growing young people as well as encouraging research and local production.
  2. EDUCATION: From technical training to conversion of migrants to agriculture, changing economies and changing competition in every field requires appropriate production, R & D and qualified human power. Sectors will either train their own staff or do it to others, that is, they will put their standards, order and buy. This field is expected to deepen the occupational training. Lifelong education (for those who do not work), vocational training (for intermediate workers) and in-service training (for the development of employees), distance education (time and space independent) will gain importance.
  3. ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES: It is estimated that energy consumption in our country will grow more than twice the world average. According to the assumption that the global economy will grow at around 3-4% per year over the next 10 years, the energy sector will be the main parameter that determines growth and welfare. According to calculations, Turkey needs to invest $ 130 billion to close the energy sector. This also means that there is a great employment opportunity. The importance of local and natural resources will increase and clean, renewable energy will be used to produce energy/raw materials and products.
  4. AUTOMOTIVE: In the first six months of 2017, automotive exports increased by 28.5 percent to 714,000 units compared to the same period in 2016. Total export value increased by 22.1 percent to reach 14.5 billion dollars level. Export income from the automotive sector in 2017 is estimated to be 26.5 billion dollars. There are also plans to switch to vehicles that will be used in the future, such as autonomous (without drivers), electric, internet connected and shared. InTurkey, demand is increasing in this direction. The venture of technology companies and the investments of big automobile giants will be a teller of a rapid change for the automotive world.
  5. TELECOMMUNICATION: The sector will enter a significant growth phase with new players in 15 years. As well as big companies, subcontractors will develop. In the telecom sector, it was more GSM companies that were the front-line to date. But in the next 15 years the sector will draw a different picture. Alternative telecom operators will make a big breakthrough.
  6. DEFENSE AND AERONAUTICAL TECHNOLOGIES: The defense industry has a total annual turnover of $ 1.3 trillion in the World. Some of Turkey’s companies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, Havelsan, Kale Defense Industry have started to buy shares from this market. Turkey really cares about the domestic production in this sector, also developing technological agreements with other countries, like the agreement with Russia for the S400s, etc.
  7. RETAIL: Mobility in the sector will gain a bigger dimension with new malls to be opened. In some cases, there will be troubles in shopping centers, which are opened more than necessary, but the future of Shopping Centers seems to be quite bright. Those who create better living spaces, promoters, organizing more attractive activities will be successful. Building markets that offer food products, furniture, home-gardening, lighting, bathroom and kitchenware will gain more importance.
  8. LOGISTICS: Both air transport and logistics are experiencing a tremendous improvement. It seems that market-compatible reforms and tax incentives have triggered this in our country. Now the logistics sector is about 258 billion liras. The shining star of the industry will be warehousing. Foreign and domestic companies will unite and grow.
  9. HEALTH TOURISM: New private hospitals, facilities and clinics will be opened. Education in other areas besides vocational training in the health sector will be on the agenda. In 2016 5 billion $ income gained by health tourism and for the following year it is expected to reach 1 million tourist and 10 billion $. It is aimed to raise to 20 billion dollars by increasing the number of tourists to 2 million in 2023.
  10. ENVIRONMENT AND RECYCLING: Measures to be taken in order to remove or partially remove the damage caused by the industrialization, will lead to the emergence of giant sectors. This points to a new volume of employment in the future. From now on, environment friendly production, mining and recycling sectors will gain importance in our country. It is understood that the scrapers are not waste, there is no final destruction in recycling. Especially e-waste, scrap vehicles, iron-steel, paper, tire recycling will gain importance. There will be a need for specialists in institutional environmental standards. Firms specialized in environmental audit will increase, awareness will increase. In connection with this, investment in NGOs and in these areas will increase. Research institutions will be established.
  11. CONSULTING: Prosperity growth and high income level as a result of the development of the manufacturing industry are increasing the importance of the service sector. Consulting, which forms part of the service sector, will show rapid growth in personal and corporate areas. Technical, legal and financial consulting will gain even more importance. As internationalization increases, a need of consultancy in the local country emerges. The sectors demanding consulting services are among others, import / export, financing, banking, real state and tourism.

Conexio is a consulting firm in Turkey based in Istanbul that provides services to local and foreign companies with commercial or investment interests in the region.