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Turkey is an agricultural self sufficent country with the convenience of climate and agriculture. It finds itself a place within the first t30 agricultural export countries, with a total share of %14,2 and 20.229,167 M$ capacity / year. In nearly basis, the production exceed 150 million tones.

Turkey is the World biggest producer of nuts, apricot, figs, cherries, and hash, second biggest in watermelon, melon, strawberry, leek and honey, and third biggest in lantle, apple, cucumber, green pepper, chestnut and pistachos. Although it had a tough year, Turkey became the World 4th biggest vegetable producer and world 11th biggest fruit producer in 2016.

Turkey is also rich for plant diversity and has a 34% share in endemism. For this reason the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock provides incentives and has some studies in certified organic agriculture. Regional promotion agencies also help to foreigners who want to develop some technologies in agriculture or to invest in some potential regions.

The agricultural development can fasten with the usage of modern agriculture technologies, cooperatives, protection of the plant diversity, certified agriculture etc.

Turkey supplies the food gap in middle east.



Turkey has a big greenhouse potential comparing  to the other Mediterrenean countries. For example, Spain and France coasts are touristic fields with a strong infrastructure so not enough place for greenhouse facilities. Italy and Greece have rough and mountainous coasts, not many places for for greenhousing. With these informations, Turkey is the 4th biggest country in the world in greenhouse production and 5th biggest country in greenhousing.

During the last 5 years, the average rate of increase of the agricultural sector has been 15% yearly and the income is around 10 billion TL in total. The most effective products to be planted are tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon and eggplants, mainly in the facilities spread around Marmara sea, Aegean and Mediteerenean Regions.

Conexio Consulting is a consulting firm in Turkey that can support you with the market studies of the related field, both in agriculture and greenhousing, and also support your commercial activities. Our team can search for the best opportunities, do the analysis and offer you the best and economic way to invest in the most suitable region.