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The Asian countries need a strong platform to enable them to use their economical and labour force efficiently and Turkey has the dynamics to lead this platform. There is a need for new forms to lead and support big projects and make Asian countries move forward, an alternative to World Bank and IMF policies for Asian countries. But also new projects between Turkey and Asia can help the mentioned countries to develop their economical potential.

The projects should include railways and energy projects connecting Asia and Europe. The transport project that would cross Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey ‘Lapis Lazuli Project’ will help Turkey to enter the Asian door. This Project will  change the geographical sources of Turkey as a trade center. The sources will be the South and Middle Asia, which means great new markets for Turkey.

The economical power balance is changing in favour of developing countries. So with the participation of countries from South, Middle and West Asia a big economical potential will come out both in production and consumption way.

Considering these datas in the last years Asian investors are investing in a lot of Turkish-influenced countries. The investors see Turkey as a transit point to Europe and Middle East. According to EY datas, from China to India, from Japan to Malasia, most of the Asian investors bought or became a partner of Turkish companies. The total international direct investments in 2016 was 6 billion 714 million $, 2 billion 6 million $ of them from Asian region. In the same period, many Asian companies sat in a table with Turkish companies to open doors to the European and Middle East markets. The direction of the investments lead mostly to construction, health, IT and entertainment sectors.

Due to its advantages both in port operations and in logistics, Turkey is in the target of Far Eastern companies, especially China.

When we compare Asian investors to other countries, we can say that they are making longer and more strategic investments. As Turkey is changing its direction towards Asia, new agreements and projects are waiting to be developed to grow together and become the new strong economies of the world.

Conexio Consulting can help you and support your company with a good knowledge of Turkish market, developing your project in the Turkey.