Conexio consulting


  1. Turkey-Iran Business Forum:

Coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

In July 2017, took place in the form of the opening of the Tehran Turkish Trade Center, Turkey-Iran Business Forum and Bilateral Business Talks. The aim is to increase the market share, opening new business and investment roads between both countries. The priority sectors are the participation of sector companies manufacturing and exporting products in international standards, especially construction materials, furniture, home textile products and machinery.


  1. Iran-Turkey Automotive Purchasing Summit:

The participants are the automobile, light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and work machines manufacturing companies from Iran.  From Turkey, around 30 firms and 54 high-level representatives producing parts such as fasteners, shock absorbers, exhaust systems, welding equipments, automation and robot systems, automotive chemicals, vehicle heating-cooling systems, automotive spare parts, rims, hydraulic equipment, hoses, clamps, cutting tools, fixtures, jig, pneumatic components for automotive spare parts, castings, forgings, machining, hair parts, plastic parts molds, clutches, axle modules, steering systems. The commercial relations between Iran and Turkey were reported to have increased significantly through Iran-Turkey Procurement Organizations, which was organized three times before with Iran. During the organization, every Turkish supplier company official can have B2B meetings with Iranian producers for 30 minutes.



In the conference, you will have access to valuable current information and links about the Iranian market by participating in a conference on business culture in Iran and the Iranian Automotive Sector, investment opportunities, logistics, banking and insurance issues.

In the conference trade issues between Iran and Turkey will be evaluated, including:

  • Trade opportunities with Iran and current situation
  • Banking and money transfers
  • Credit facilities for trade
  • International legal situation in trade
  • Carrying cultural similarities and differences to co-operation
  • Collaboration in the eyes of the two countries commercial attachments
  • Current table on logistics
  • Localization / Economic Structure / Strategies

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