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Turkey ranks 3rd in wind power installed capacity

EU countries obtained 15% of their electricity needs from wind energy last year. In Turkey, this rate reached 10% with a record increase in 2021. In 2021, Turkey became the 3rd country in Europe to commission the most installed onshore wind power.

The 2021 report of the European Wind Energy research conducted by WindEurope in the European Union and surrounding countries has been published. In the research, it was reported that Europe commissioned 17 GW of installed wind power last year and reached a total of 236 GW of installed wind power. Source: Turkey, the 3rd country with the most installations in wind

The shining star of the wind in 2021 has been Turkey, which has installed wind energy with a capacity of approximately 1.5 GW. Turkey maintains its 7th place in terms of total installed wind power in Europe. Saying that he left behind a record-filled year in the wind arena, Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın said,

 He also draws attention to the fact that Turkey ranks 3rd in installed wind energy power commissioned in Europe in 2021.

The economic bottleneck and global supply chain problems delayed Europe’s annual wind energy targets. In Europe, where approximately 17 GW of installed power could be put into use last year, the total installed wind energy capacity reached 236 GW, while electricity generation from wind was determined as 15%. Source: Turkey, the 3rd country with the most installations in wind

Contrary to Europe, Turkey, which has made large investments in wind energy, became the third country with the highest number of installations in onshore wind with a new capacity of 1,400 MW, leaving behind a year in which electricity for 12 million households was met by wind.

Pointing out that Turkey’s wind energy investments in 2021 are high, Ali Aydın said that investments should continue in order for Turkey to reach 20 GW of wind energy installed in its medium-term energy projections with the investments made and outstanding efforts.