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Turkey, to export green hydrogen in 2050

SHURA Energy Transition Center predicts that Turkey has the potential to produce 3.4 million tons of green hydrogen annually in 2050.

The “Technical and Economic Evaluation of Turkey’s Green Hydrogen Production and Export Potential” report, prepared by SHURA Energy Transition Center in cooperation with Bilkent Energy Policy Research Center and German Energy Agency (dena), has been announced.


In the report announced at the online introductory meeting, it was stated that with appropriate investments and policies, Turkey could reach an annual green hydrogen production of up to 3.4 million tons (Mt) in 2050, of which 1.5 to 1.9 Mt could be exported.


The opening speeches of the event held on Tuesday, December 7, were made by Beatrix Massig from the Turkish-German Energy Forum, Head of Energy Policies and Technology Department of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Dr. Fazil Kaytez and Hannes Seidl, Head of the Department of Energy Systems and Energy Services at the German Energy Agency (dena).

Stating that many countries will import green hydrogen in order to achieve their climate goals, Seidl pointed out that Turkey can get a share from this market:

“Turkey has a great potential to take its place in this newly formed global energy market from the very beginning by producing green hydrogen from renewable energy. This work, which we are promoting today, offers an important and exciting opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between Germany and Turkey in this field.”

Hasan Aksoy, one of the authors of the report, reminded that Turkey ratified the Paris Climate Agreement in November and said that there will be a need for more determined climate and energy transformation targets for 2030 and 2053. Aksoy emphasized that understanding the role of hydrogen is of critical importance in achieving these goals:

“Net zero emissions targets marking 2050 on a global scale emphasize green hydrogen as a common solution for the decarbonisation of the entire energy system. In the transformation of Turkey’s energy system, the role of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency potentials, as well as the role of green hydrogen should be understood and plans should be made accordingly. For this, it is important to understand the green hydrogen supply potential, usage areas, costs and possible export potentials, considering the current renewable energy supply and the potential of other resources.”