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Turkey’s 2023 Health Tourism Sector export figures reached 2.3B dollars

Turkey achieved a significant success in health services exports during 2023. According to newly released information from the Ministry of Trade, the number of health tourists visiting Turkey reached 1.4 million people, while health services exports amounted to 2.3 billion dollars. These figures are a clear indication that Turkey has become a global hub for health tourism.

In 2023, the Ministry of Trade provided 733 million TL support to companies operating in the health tourism sector, an increase of 281%. With these supports, Turkey has taken important steps towards increasing its international competitiveness and branding in the health tourism sector.

“As the Ministry of Trade, in today’s world where health travels are rapidly becoming widespread, the Ministry of Trade supports the activities of our companies to increase the added value of health tourism in our country’s economy by making a difference in the global competitive environment, to increase the competitiveness of our companies by opening up to international markets and to increase their competitiveness and branding.”

Turkey is also attracting attention in the health tourism sector with the “Heal in Turkey” web portal. This portal is the visible face of Turkey’s brand and promotion strategy in the health tourism sector. The portal, which currently includes 175 institutions, contributes to the growth of the sector with increasing applications every day.

With 40 internationally recognized accredited health institutions, Turkey has an important place in medical tourist preferences. It ranks 7th among all countries in this field. Especially Middle Eastern countries, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are among the countries that send the most medical tourists.

In 2023, the Ministry of Trade supported 12 trade and procurement delegations organized by sector representatives, and organized national participation in two leading fairs in the sector in Berlin and London. In addition, national participation was organized in the world’s most important tourism fairs and sector representatives were promoted internationally.

In the statement of the Ministry of Trade, “As the Ministry of Trade, we will continue our support programs for all sectors that provide added value to our country’s economy, and we will continue our efforts in coordination with the stakeholders of the sector to increase the share and added value of our country from global health tourism, and we will take firm steps towards our goal of becoming a global center.” The importance of the support given to the sector was emphasized.

With these achievements in the field of health tourism, Turkey is taking firm steps towards becoming a global center.