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Medical production in our country has gained momentum since the 1980s. The companies producing medical instruments and materials are mainly located in Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Samsun and Trabzon. There are 13 thousand 170 firms registered in Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Sector in the National Data Bank (TİTUBB). A Thousand and 509 of them are manufacturers.
However, about 85 percent of the medical device spending in Turkey in recent years made imported goods. Therefore, the project initiated by the Ministry of Health in the pharmaceutical sector localization project in the medical device has been added. Priority is given to medical supplies, surgical instruments and imaging devices. In particular, localization of imaging devices is expected to significantly reduce the import of medical devices and contribute to the public about TL 6 billion in 10 years. In 2023, 30 percent of Turkey’s medical equipment is scheduled to meet needs through domestic production. In addition, the target of 2023 to reach the export figure of 5 billion dollars. In In Turkey,there are 87 thousand in the medical devices sub-sector manufacturers, importers are thousand 841 companies, including 387 manufacturer and exporters companies, a total of 3 thousand 315 companies and ranks 44 thousand 667 distributors. About 38 percent of the companies in the sector are operating in Istanbul, 31 percent in Ankara, 5 percent in Izmir and 26 percent in other provinces, particularly Adana, Kayseri and Konya. The sub-sectors where the companies are concentrated are grouped into three groups. These include orthopedic devices, prosthetic teeth, dental fittings, artificial limbs not elsewhere classified. It is followed by syringes, needles, kata-ter, cannulae and the like, instruments for eye treatment. In the third place is the furniture, dental or veterinary furniture, barber chairs and similar chairs and their sub-sectors.
Head of Health Federation Raşit Dinç noted that, Turkey also is incorporated into the race late in the medical sector, thanks to companies’ R & D and technology investments they made with their own resources have experienced significant improvements in exports last 10 years. According to the data, the exports of the medical sector, which has quadrupled in the last 10 years, reached 108.7 million dollars in 2006 and reached 507.9 million dollars in 2016. Germany, China, Iraq, Holland, France, Azerbaijan, Syria, Italy, TRNC and USA were the top 10 countries we exported to last year. “Other instruments and devices used in medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine” took the first place in 2016 export of the sector. Dinç, pointing that also the devices in the field of stem cells that are produced in Turkey, it is stem cell therapy is applied to the patients who are not suitable for remedies like interventional, conventional and surgical treatment.
1. $ 5 billion in exports.
2. Reducing the dependence on foreign sources, which is still 85 percent, and reaching the ability to meet 30 percent of consumption with domestic production.
3. Elimination of structural disruptions in health sector and completion of information communication infrastructure.
4. Completion of the domestic production stage of all disposable consumables and emphasis on preparing software programs for advanced technology devices.
5. Establishment, promotion and support of centers for biotechnology subheadings.
6. The claim of being the regional power and reference center of our country in the production of medical consumables, preparation of software programs and biotechnological studies.