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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Economic Reforms Introductory Meeting at Haliç Congress Center.
President Erdogan explained the economic reform package that envisions changes and innovations in many topics from tax system to banking, insurance to social assistance, employment to public bureaucracy:
“We have been carrying out the preparations for this program since November last year. In the essence of our work, we aim to grow the economy on the basis of investment and production.
We will increase our potential growth by increasing productivity. We aim for a domestic and national economy that breaks new records in exports with value-added production that reduces the use of imported inputs by further strengthening our economy.
Our friends came together with private sector representatives and non-governmental organizations and listened to all requests and offers.
Then, with our ministries and the relevant units of our party, all these topics were discussed and effective and lasting solutions were open-heartedly discussed.
On the structural policies side, we included strengthening the institutional structure, encouraging investments, facilitating domestic trade, competition policies, market surveillance and control within the scope of our reform.
Our first area of reform will be to create a stronger public finance structure against risks.
One of the most important issues regarding public expenditures is in public procurement tenders, we switch to a new and digital system in public procurement tenders, we discipline the exceptions in public procurement tenders, which we will significantly reduce, and we are also starting preparations to enact a sectoral public procurement law.
Before the tender, we objectively determine the merits and competencies of the companies that will participate in public tenders and share them with the public, this certification system that will operate digitally will be open to everyone.
We ensure that tenders to be made through this system are carried out faster, easier and with less cost. We want to make the most of the power of the public sector to create scale in the economy. In this context, we contribute to the development and growth of the domestic industry by directing public procurements to domestic products.
We pave the way for purchasing guarantees that will ensure technology transfer that will increase localization for products in strategic sectors.
In order to reduce the use of imported products by the public, we are establishing a central monitoring system under the roof of our industrialization executive committee. We are setting standards for public procurement with the tender specification pools we will create.