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The provisional foreign trade announced the data for January, created by the Ministry of Commerce and Turkey Statistical Institute cooperation.
Accordingly, within the scope of the General Trade System (GTS), exports increased by 2.3 % to 15 billion 45 million dollars in January compared to the same month of the previous year, and imports decreased by 5.9 % to 18 billion 79 million dollars.
The foreign trade deficit decreased by 32.8 % in January compared to the same month of the previous year and decreased to 3 billion 34 million dollars. The ratio of exports to imports increased from 76.5 % in January 2020 to 83.2 % last month.
Germany took the first place among the countries exported in the month in question. 1 billion 455 million dollars of exports were made to this country.
Germany was followed by the USA with 933 million dollars, Italy with 864 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 813 million dollars and France with 738 million dollars. Exports to the top 5 countries accounted for 31.9 % of total exports.
Italian Chamber of Commerce Association President Livio Manzini, Turkey’s foreign trade of more than half indicated that perform with EU member countries and “should the Turkish product quality / price ratio as well as the logistical advantages of the question.” said.
Expressin that the trade volume is not experiencing a dramatic decline in the epidemic year 2020, Manzini said, “Italy in the European region for Turkey has maintained its status as the second largest commercial partner. Here it was important the contribution of the large volume of import and export transactions of international Italian company. On the other hand, as the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our goal is to contribute to the mutual import and export of small and medium-sized companies in order to reach the potential trade volume, thus enabling not only commercial development but also the entrepreneurs of the two countries to get to know each other. Thus, it is aimed to reach the potential volume in the medium-long term.”
Turkey last year, reaching nearly $ 1 billion in direct capital inflows that said Manzini continued, ” Undoubtedly, in this fragile process, energy, environment and automotive, which we can see as traditional sectors, come to the fore. With the return to normalization process in the second half of 2021, we can expect a new acceleration in investments from Italy.”
Livio Manzini, noting that more than half of Turkey’s performance of foreign trade was with EU member states, said:
” Turkish products have both quality / price ratio and logistical advantage. Epidemic process, Turkey’s importance in trade towards Europe and the advantage was revealed once more. Here we are faced with a very clear stand that will allow you to use the advantages of having timely and Turkey. We are pleased to observe the re-rapprochement activities that are underway with the EU. It is inevitable that accelerating and accelerating the said convergence process will provide wide opportunities to Turkish exporting companies. As a chamber, our expectation is that this new process that has been initiated will continue to accelerate. Indeed, we have the duty of us are Turkey and Turkish products via the network that we have, we try to contribute to the promotion of Italy and all over the world.
To this end, in the coming days, we have taken our program of study including an internet seminar will bring investment and trade advantages for Turkey.”