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Turkey’s army has the second largest number of troops after US among NATO countries. So now, Turkey is moving towards becoming a global player in the defense industry. Defense industry firms produce projects, show their products in foreign fairs looking for new markets.

Turkey recently turned to forward its security field to new joint venture agreements. The governmental located an additional 18.7 billion TL for the modernization expenditures required by defense and security units in 2018 national budget. At the meeting of the Defense Industry Executive Committee, 22 projects were discussed, including the air defense system, tank modernization, electronic protection systems and ships construction projects.

While the number of Turkish companies in the “Defense Top 100 list” (which is accepted as the list of the most prestigious defense industry list in the World) is rising, the list of Aselsan and Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) continued to be on the list. Roketsan is the newest entry in 98th possition.

As an example, the sale of attack tactical reconnaissance helicopter ATAK was on negotiation with Pakistan Government, Thailand also followed the ATAK helicopter developments. Unmanned aerial vehicle (IHA) ANKA was taken seriously by Malaysia and Chile Goverments. In addition to Roketsan’s artillery rockets, tactical missile systems are used by both the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the armed forces of friend and allied countries.

Air defense system developed by Aselsan, Atılgan and Zıpkın have very low altitude and short range requirements, being used for air defense. Turkey’s first original medium altitude air defense system Hisar-A, which is still be testing, will go into masive production in 2020. Bora fuze, which is produced under license and has a maximum hit capability has reached to maximum 280 km range, and is also added to TSK inventory.

Other new developed products are: Kasırga TR-300 fighter increased the striking power of the Land Forces. Long-range anti-tank missile system developed by Roketsan; UMTAS, is a long-range anti-tank weapon system that can be integrated into various platforms such as helicopter; IHA (Non-tripulated aerial vehicle), land vehicle, fixed platform, light attack aircraft, sea platform and is effective against all armored systems. OMTAS, developed by Roketsan, is an anti-tank missile system developed to fire through a tripod in a composite tube; Cirit, a system that provides cost effective solution with high precision against fixed and moving targets, with light armor or armor that can be integrated into various platforms such as helicopter; IHA; Stamp, a ball-and-gun system with remote control developed for land and sea platforms.

The production of the National Infantry Rifle (MPT-76) produced without foreign technical support will also gain momentum. The modular structure, PUSAT, which can be used with a wide range of weapon systems will speak by itself in the defense industry with low operating costs.PUSAT is paying close attention with a settlement rate close to 100 percent. The vehicle designed and manufactured by TÜMOSAN has a 100% durability with a spindle, gearbox, power transmission, suspension and electronic systems. The new generation 4-cylinder TÜMOSAN engines used in PUSAT, automatic TUMOSAN transmission and power transmission system, provides 30% fuel saving.

Different weapons and ballistic protection systems and electronic equipment can be added to the car. In this way, the design of the vehicle can be tailored to the desired task profile.

Progress also continues in 2018. Defense and aviation sector also experienced an increase in export performance. Main contractors and subcontractors operating in the defense industry continue to add new products in 2018 to their activities under contracts signed with procurement authorities.

The first non-tripulated Aerial Vehicle System, which can autonomously fly and navigate under night and day conditions beyond the satellite control sightline, is already available by the Turkish Air Force.

Also two air vehicles named ANKA-S and related system, national flight control computer, national aircraft control computer and national friendly / enemy recognition system as one of the most competent systems of its class as safety and operational capability. ANKA-S will contribute to security forces for intelligence, exploration and surveillance purposes.