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GENSED (Association of Solar Energy Industry) President Halil Demirdağ said Turkey’s solar industry could grow even more if it is supported and told that it can be even a rising star. GENSED) President Halil Demirdağ pointed out that, even the least solar receiving field Black Sea region is luckier than Germany who currently has more installed capacitiy than Turkey. He continued as with its 5 thousand MW installed capacity, being hardly in %1 of worlwide total capacity, Turkey can benefit from this endless source very well with its enourmous capacity. He said ” Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions are very lucky in terms of sunbathing time. We call it a bit more unlucky for the north and northeast, but today the best place in Germany to install a solar power plant is worse than our Black Sea region. Including the Black Sea that we deem most unlucky in terms of solar, Turkey has a huge potential waiting to be assessed at every corner .”
Indicating that there might be a good example for Turkey paved the way for the countries that succeed in promoting solar energy field in the world, Demirdag said ” Countries such as Germany, Japan and China support solar energy and are increasingly reducing demand for fossil resources such as natural gas / oil. Because fossil resources are among the primary causes of climate change and environmental pollution. Moreover, it is costly to remove from the underground and has no sustainability. Developed countries that realize this, support renewable energy. For example, Germany has made serious efforts to develop renewable energy from its own resources, provided incentives and established institutes. The government subsidized the purchase of electricity from 50 Euro cent, which is actually 10 Euro cent. In addition, regulations that pave the way for individuals to produce their own electricity were implemented. Because Germany realized early that the price would increase as the demand for oil increased, and that the $ 10 increase in oil price would harm the budget of $ 25 billion. Although this figure comes to about $ 5 billion within Turkey. So when oil rises from $ 70 to $ 80, we have to pay $ 5 billion for natural gas and oil abroad. Why spend this money when we have our own endless source of energy? Solar energy sector if they supported Turkey may be one of the world’s leading countries can strengthen our economy thanks to enlarge our sun, our local and national resources.”
By the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, last year in the first half of the year in electricity production unlicensed solar power plants in Turkey reportedly increased by 23.8 percent over the same period. The sharing of the Ministry’s Twitter account included information on the production of unlicensed solar power plants. Accordingly, unlicensed solar power plants in electricity production in Turkey increased by 23.8 percent in the first half of last year compared to the same period rose to 4 thousand 410 Gigawatt per hour.
In the period in question, the highest production in unlicensed solar power plants was in May with 985 gigawatt hours and the lowest in January with 324 gigawatt hours.