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Each year, the production companies in Turkey produces more than one hundred tv series. Around 15 productions find audience abroad. In 75 countries especially in Middle East, Balkan countries and South America, 400 million people around the world watch Turkish tv series. We can count also Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Turkey catches a good growth of 25% and close to 250 million dollar export last year. In 2015, in world’s biggest television programmes festival in Cannes, it is declared that Turkey came after America as second tv series exporter. For example ‘Magnificent Century’ reached to 250 million people all around the world.

With financial avantages, tv series also help country’s introduction abroad. Tv series create a good ‘soft power’ effect. The development of tourism sector owes some part of it to them.

After the display of Turkish tv series in Middle East and Balkan countries and they became more popular, a change could be seen in the tourist profile in Turkish streets. The most distinct part of this change are tourists from Arabic countries. The results of a survey made between tourists in Turkey gave the result that 66% of the tourists that came from Bosnia abd 87% from Serbia and all of the tourists from Croatia attracted by the Turkish tv series.

This survey shows us the affection of tv series in Balkan countries. When we review in detail, a huge competition can be seen in prime time between channels in Balkan countries. The tv series in prime time also are shown in daily Schedule in countries like Croatia, Bosnia-Herzigova and Serbia. Everyday in Bosnia, both public and private channels show Turkish series for at least 8 hours.

This big interest in Turkish series from Balkan countries increases the number of applications in Turkish language courses, the cultural interest in Istanbul and Ottoman history.

The Turkish businessmen now want to invest in this sector as it became the second biggest. Istanbul became more popular and people from Balkan, Arabic and African countries come to Turkey only for this reason and want to do investment and need consultancy services.

For example, Turkey ranked in 5 biggest countries which invest in Bosnia. Turkish company Viyenats made an investment of more than 3 million euros in limestone mines. Şişecam Soda made an investment of 4 million euros. Besides these two companies also Turk-Oil has 3 million euros investment in this country.

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