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The Ministry of National Defense (RSD) reported that the aircraft of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), which carries health supplies as part of the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19), has landed in Madrid, Spain.
It is expressed in the statements that among the delegation welcoming the plane there are, Spain Ministry of Defense Representative Major General Figueroa, Turkey Madrid Ambassador Cihad Erginay and the military attaché, also it is declared that health materials are going to be used for fighting against the Covid-19 delivered to the Spanish authorities.
The Turkish Air Force A400M military cargo plane that departs from Ankara Etimesgut Military Airport landed at Madrid’s Torrejon de Ardoz military air base, at noon.
The Ambassador of Turkey in Madrid Cihad Erginay who coordinated the delivery of the materials to the Spanish authorities, said in a statement that he is so happy that Turkey helped to the country.
Erginay, who noted that the materials sent to Spain with the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and with the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense are important, continued his words as follows:
” Spain is a friendly country with which we have good relations and close relations. We are a very loyal ally. Therefore, Turkey and Turkish people are very pleased to be helping Spain. It was really important for the Spaniards to get this help. what message we received much help in all of this phrase it is precious and is being thanked Turkey.”
Stating that the epidemic of Covid-19 in Spain is very serious, Erginay said, “The number of deaths and cases here is increasing with an increasing trend. Of course, it is desired to control this situation as soon as possible.”
Spanish General Staff, thank you message to other allies in NATO and the support that Turkey has released the official social media accounts.
It was reported that to Spain from Turkey, by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in military factory in-house, with a sewing workshop in the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, produced with local and national facilities, 250 thousand face masks, 20 thousand anatomical masks, 750 protective glasses, 2 thousand protective clothing and ride 5 tons of medical equipment including liter antibacterial fluid was delivered.
There was a statement of Mevlana’s words, “There are many hopes behind despair.” There are many suns behind the darkness. ” and that “Turkey from Spanish to people with love” can be read on the boxes of the materials.
Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya also on Twitter, sharing the message by Ministry of National Defense (MND) and mentioning the Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, thanked Turkey.
During the press conference where the developments of Covid-19 are evaluated Spain Chief of General Staff declared that the deliveries from Turkey and China are arrived and as Spain they are thanking their ally of NATO, Turkey.
Major General Figuero, General Director of Defense Policies, Spanish Ministry of Defense used the expression, “The Turkish people showed solidarity with the Spanish people. We are grateful, thank you.”